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The IAPM certification bases

How can knowledge be assessed and how can competence be proven? What theoretical knowledge and competencies does a project manager need to be awarded an internationally valid certificate? The IAPM has been considering these questions since 1997 and the first content that it developed in this respect was published in the IAPM By-laws of Project Management in 1998. In 2010, the new and improved version was published as the PM Guide 2.0. It includes knowledge and experience contributed by project managers around the world with many years of experience in international projects as the basis for modern certification guidelines. 

PM Guide 2.0

The PM Guide 2.0’s content covers all aspects of theoretical knowledge that are necessary in order to implement a project. From project check to project close-out, it provides project managers with a comprehensive reference tool for their everyday project activities. The PM Guide 2.0 is the basis for the IAPM certification programme and it defines all the knowledge elements that are necessary to pass the certification examinations for each level.

Agile PM Guide 2.0

Software development projects often involve special requirements and pose more challenges than normal investment, organisation or development projects. The “Agile PM Guide 2.0“ presents the most popular forms of agile project management – scrum and kanban – as well as agile methods such as extreme programming.
People who are interested in Certified Agile Project Manager (IAPM) certification can use the “Agile PM Guide 2.0“ to gain an overview of the content of all certifications and refresh or extend their knowledge.

International PM Guide 2.0

There is more to managing an international project than practicing project management in the English language. The project manager has to adapt to a different culture, a new environment, other customs and possibly also different project management methods. 
The “International PM Guide 2.0“ explains the requirements that a project manager has to meet in an international project and corporate structures in international organisations.
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