The IAPM Wishlist – what it is and why you need it

Have you ever been struggling in your day-to-day routines, lost your direction or has your current project gone off track? Are you wondering how to implement a specific topic in your project routine, do you have a stalling project or are you just curious what tools to use for a specific task? Now the waiting is finally over
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For us, you are more than just a project manager amongst many. Everyone is unique, and so are their projects. Beside the hard and soft factors as well as other project management methods, which are essential to accomplish a certain task, challenges and problems can arise in every aspect of a project. Especially when you are new to the field of project management, there are many things one could ask themselves, now you can address your questions to the right people! You are still unsure whether you need help for a certain undertaking? Let us find out together.
As the name suggests, we would love you to share your thoughts, questions or wishes with us via the IAPM Wishlist, so we can collectively shape the offers and contents provided by the IAPM. That what concerns you will probably also be of interest to many fellow project managers within our network. So why not share your wishes to make the lives of other project managers easier? Therefore, we offer a clear user form where you can address your challenges to a personal contact.

So why don’t you give it a shot?

As a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and promoting project managers, we’d love to provide this completely new service just for you. Simply send us your questions or suggestions, e.g. topics you are interested in and want to learn more about. The suggestions, for instance, will be used to build a knowledge base, to organise future events, to develop white papers or to come up with tailor-made contents just for you. Interact with us to boost your perspective!

Are you currently working on a project and something is bothering you? Then let’s exchange ideas about what weighs heavy on your heart. We believe that project management is not only a theoretical approach, but also an empirical process. It thrives on professional exchange with like-minded people and thus it is constantly under development. And what could be better for project managers than targeted exchange to generate new ideas for a successful project?

You can be part of the IAPM network too!
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