Testimonial: Preparing for the Certified Project Manager (IAPM) exam using the web-learning platform

With more than 10 years of experience in delivering multiple projects, I wanted to gain structured knowledge in project management. Hence, was aspiring for a project management certificate and I chose the Certified Project Manager (IAPM) certification as it is one of the most prestigious certifications available for project managers globally.
The best thing about this certificate is you don’t need to earn any PDU’s or working experience as project manager – though having experience is a plus.
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The web-based learning platform provided by the IAPM is more than enough for preparing for the Certified Project Manager (IAPM) certification. It has some good real-time cases and scenarios which make the concepts easy to understand.
Being a mother of a newborn child, it was very difficult to plan for a dedicated study time. But still, I managed to create a study plan for me and tried to follow it rigorously. 
  • I planned to study regularly (at least an hour per day).
  • I created a schedule for my studies that is in harmony with my family.
  • I read all the chapters twice and checked knowledge with the questions provided in the section “Test Yourself”. 

It took me about two months to prepare for the certification and I spent one to two hours every day studying the web-learning portal. Once I felt ready for the exam, I planned to take the self-test, although it’s not mandatory. The self-test by IAPM is an online test that helps to determine the areas you still have knowledge deficits. The time frame for this test was 20 minutes, and it consists of 25 questions.
I scored 79% in the self-test. Afterwards the IAPM support team provided me the evaluation of the test and feedback on the topics I need to revise again.
The cost-based self-test was really beneficial for me as it gave me some familiarity with the type of questions that could be asked in the real exam and also showed me gaps in my knowledge.
Few topics took more time to prepare like “Process and Time Schedule” or “Cost Breakdown and Budget”. But this may differ from candidate to candidate.
My preparation was completely self-study by using the web-learning portal and taking some notes for the important topics and points which I felt I may forget.
Self-study makes you focus more on quality than on quantity that is because it doesn’t matter how long you study, instead what really matters is how well you study. Taking notes is a must, as the content is pretty vast. Self-study helped in learning the concepts from the comfort of my home, in my own schedule and at my own pace.
On the day of my exam, I revisited all the topics that I felt I need to brush up again. The certification exam’s duration is 80 minutes with 120 questions to attempt. When the exam started, initially my aim was to focus on answering the questions correctly than taking time into consideration. But as I was progressing, I was running out of time and realised it’s the time dedicated per question you need to definitely keep an eye on. It’s ok to skip a few questions which you are not sure about. I was able to attempt all the 120 questions in 80 minutes.
I got my results within 38 – 40 hours and thankfully I passed and cleared the certification.
Thank you IAPM for the platform, support and detailed study material to prepare for the certification. This certification is highly recommended for all those aspiring project managers who want to lead projects successfully.
Author: Angana Saha is an IT professional with 11 years of experience in various domains like banking, telecommunication and life science. She is a Data Engineer, currently working as Principal Consultant in Genpact. She did her Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Executive Program in Business Analytics from IIM Kolkata. She had worked in various data warehousing and machine learning projects. 
She believes in “Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field”. She is very passionate about technologies and upskilling herself with new technologies. 
In her leisure time she loves cooking, travelling and playing table tennis.

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