How can a manager ease project management with a mobile app?

In a significant development project, there are several management needs instead of just to-do lists. Since there are too many activities involving too many people in such projects, there is a constant need for designated project management tools or apps.

Mobile project management apps are already popular choices, and the choice mainly depends on the team size, work process, and goals. So let us have a closer look at the top project management app choices and how they help.
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Trello: To-do lists, Tracking Tasks and Productivity and Editorial Calendar

Trello is widely known for its truly visual way of managing all types of app projects.
The app uses the Kanban board system for managing projects. The system is card-based, with different columns representing the status of the tasks in categories such as to-do, doing, and done. As the work process progresses, these cards are moved from left to right based on their status.

Apart from assigning cards based on work status, these cards can be assigned to various team members for project due dates, attaching files, and adding comments. On top of all these, Trello also offers a range of value additions to enhance the workflow. These are called power-ups as per the Trello system. For example, a Trello power-up can cause a card to fade when the same isn't used for quite some time.

Trello is effective for all types of app projects, and in some parts of the world, it has a dominant presence among large and startup app projects. For example, many leading developers in India use Trello for both mobile app and software app projects.

Basecamp: To-do Listing, Progress Tracking, and Team Collaboration

Basecamp stands as one of the most popular cloud-based project management tools accessible online. In any app project where remote communication and collaboration are of extreme importance, Basecamp comes to the rescue with a robust toolset.

Basecamp allows creating a project with extreme ease and simplicity. Let's have a quick look at the key features and capabilities of Basecamp:
  • It allows adding team members with their respective details. The same can be applied to client team members as well.
  • A new admin role can be assigned to any of the team members.
  • Basecamp offers neat To-do lists to create tasks with due dates and the designated person for the task.
  • Basecamp allows you to create discussion topics, add content attachments and send to team members to communicate and collaborate.
  • Basecamp also allows creating documents with scope for other team members to edit and collaborate.
  • Basecamp offers a very detailed project calendar through which you can see project details, events and the fixed deadlines with just one glance.
  • Basecamp allows tracking project milestones or the major project events on which the entire developer team is working.
  • Basecamp also allows incorporating different project views to provide project updates with details of the tasks for projects. While the calendar view provides task details with dates, there is a view for ongoing tasks, and there is another view displaying open and finished tasks.

Asana: File Creation, Team Management and Collaboration

If you are trying to find something very easy and least complicated for all types of projects, Asana can be the answer. It emerged as a leading task management app used as a comprehensive project management tool as well.

Asana allows you to build and share lists of tasks with the entire team. In addition, the app offers a simple and smart interface with an array of useful integrations. Asana also offers a free version for teams with a maximum of 15 members, and teams with more team members need to choose any of the paid plans starting from $10.99 per month.

Asana provides you with unique simplicity and eases that most other project collaboration apps don't. In addition, Asana allows you to see who is working on what topic and when, ensuring absolute clarity and accountability for the entire team.

Asana also works great for file and document sharing though it is widely perceived as a teamwork tracking and productivity management tool. Asana is a leading project collaboration app also helps to integrate the files and apps to ensure seamless collaboration.


All the leading project management apps explained above are tested and tried successfully by thousands of app projects across the niches. As a project manager, if you need something comprehensive and robust, it is better to consider any of these apps first.
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