The PM Guide 2.0 becomes the Project Managers' Guide!

The basis for our certification process has always been the respective PM Guide in its current version. To meet the demands of this digital age, we are now providing the PM Guide 2.0 in a revised online version – for this reason, the guide is also being given a completely new name: Project Managers' Guide!
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Back in 1998 the IAPM published the precursor to the Project Managers' Guide (IAPM), the "IAPM By-laws of Project Management". These by-laws were completely revised and adapted to modern requirements and real-life project management scenarios in the "PM Guide 2.0", which was published in 2010. From May 2021 – in line with the imminent release of the new website – the certification basis will now be offered in a new format and the “PM Guide 2.0” is now the "Project Managers' Guide (IAPM)".

What's new?

Whereas the content was previously only presented statically and offered for download as a lectured version, the Project Managers' Guide (IAPM) is now structured dynamically and thus remains always up to date due to its unique appearance. For easier tracking of any changes, a change log is kept in the imprint, in which all modifications are presented in a comprehensible way. This guide also contains a complete bibliography and a detailed glossary in which all relevant terms are explained. Of course, the contents of the Project Managers' Guide (IAPM) correspond to those of the certification examination, which is why it remains the certification basis for the Certified Junior Project Manager (IAPM), the Certified Project Manager (IAPM) and the Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM).
This guide is a "living document", so adjustments can be made quickly and with little effort at any time. We cordially encourage everyone interested to provide experiences or examples for future updates of this guide. You can submit your suggestions to the IAPM. For traceability reasons, the date of the update is given instead of a version number. In case of changes to the overall examination system, they will of course be communicated well in advance, so that anyone interested in project management can prepare accordingly. Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to make sure you don't miss anything important!

Further information

All information about the certifications can also be found on our cheat sheets. In addition to the cheat sheets and the Project Managers' Guide (IAPM), we provide a free weblearning platform for both the Certified Junior Project Manager (IAPM) and the Certified (Senior) Project Manager (IAPM) certification, on which the project management methods are covered more thoroughly – so it's worth checking them out, too!
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