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IAPM Essentials May 12, 2020

Aufgaben organisieren: Text oder Tabellen?
In German language only: Stephan List likes to organise his tasks in a minimalist way. In his article he gives an overview of different tools, which can help you to find the right task management system.
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Change oder Transformation?
In German language only: Despite or because of the current crisis, (digital) transformation is becoming increasingly important for many companies. In this article, Dr. Georg Kraus describes the difference between change and transformation and gives important tips to companies on how to master the transformation.
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Das richtige Rangehen an Probleme.
In German language only: Problems are often solved too quickly or, as a consequence, incorrectly. Roland Dürre explains in his article how to solve problems in the right way by using math puzzles.
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Die Konfliktlandkarte: Konflikte einfach visualisieren
In German language only: In the Projekte leicht gemacht Podcast, conflicts and their visualisation by means of a conflict map are discussed.
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INFOGRAPHIC: Celebrating 6+ Decades of Software Development Methodologies
Software is developed for more than 60 years now and the methods used to do so have changed again and again. The infographic shows the development of the methods over the years.
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Karrieretipps: Ownership vs. Leadership – wo liegt der Unterschied?
In German language only: If agile frameworks are used, the term "owner" appears again and again. But what exactly does it mean? Which tasks does a "Business Owner" or "Service Owner" have? This question will be answered in this article and the borderline to Leadership will be drawn.
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Overcoming Four Common Problems with Retrospectives
If you work in agile structures, the retrospective is an important element that should not be omitted - because without talking about the past, no improvements can be achieved. The article describes four common problems with the retrospective and how they can be avoided.
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Rapid Estimation Game for Remote Teams
This article describes how team members - even if they can't be in the same place - can make quick estimates by playing a game.
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Scrum Master Interview Questions: How to Prepare
How does one actually become a Scrum Master? What does an interview for this position look like and what do you have to pay attention to? These and other questions are answered in the article to prepare you for the job and the corresponding interview.
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Scrum ist NICHT die Antwort
In German language only: Marc Loeffler ("Improving agile retrospectives"), explains in his article that Scrum is not the solution to all problems. He describes under which circumstances Scrum can be used and when it should be avoided to implement Scrum.
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Scrum master: 5 signs you need to rethink the role
The Scrum master supports the product owner, the development team and the organisation. For this he needs certain empowerments, which are often not given in reality. These missing empowerments are described in this article.
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The Difference between Impact Mapping and… – Product Thoughts
In this article, the differences between impact mapping, a decision technique, and other frameworks are presented. Among others, Objectives and Key Results and Opportunity Solution Trees are described.
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Virtuelles Lean Coffee
In German language only: You want to exchange ideas with others on agile topics? Take part in a Lean Coffee via video conference and meet virtually with other interested parties to discuss interesting topics.
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What Should Be The Focus For The Product Owner?
What exactly is the task of a product owner? What should he focus on in order to make requirements that are as valuable as possible? These questions are answered in the article.
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