The influence of motivation on employee productivity in business organisation

Motivation is what gets you to do what you do. In fulfilling the organisation's objectives, your primary task is to create and maintain an environment where employees can efficiently work to realise the organisation's goals. Hence, motivation in an organisation is the means of persuading, stimulating, inducing, as well as compelling an employee to act in a manner that helps the organisation achieve its objectives. There are different types of employees, and they differ in their ability to work, and their will to do so (= motivation).
Unmotivated employees are likely to produce low quality work, spend little or no effort in their jobs, avoid the workplace, and leave the organisation the moment they have the chance to. Whereas motivated employees are persistent, creative, productive, and will churn out high-quality work
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How To Motivate Your Employees

Ensure your business space is pleasant

Your business space has to be aesthetically pleasing, well lit, functional, and fun for your employees. Ensure all your working equipment is up to date and properly kept.  So your employees do not get frustrated using outdated equipment.
Social business space is clean, features exciting furniture pieces as well as updated equipment.
A pleasant working space will increase employee motivation and, in turn, help boost their productivity.

Manage your employees with honesty, respect and be supportive

Bad management is one of the easiest ways an employee becomes less motivated. Respecting your workers, being honest with them, showing them support during trying times, and ensuring clear communication are great foundations for motivating your employees.
When employees are encouraged to tell the truth and act in honesty at all times, it becomes easier to identify problems early on, and you can make the correct decision to solve such problems. Showing support to an employee who is battling an illness or facing family issues, is a great way to keep the employee's motivation high and guarantee increased productivity.

Offer rewards for standout employees

You can create a monthly award with a prize. With the winner voted for by the employees to foster togetherness. To improve their work and communication, paper writing service reviews are an ideal way of increasing employee productivity.
These rewards will spur every employee to put in their best effort every day to claim the prize.

Offer snacks in the workplace

According to research by Seamless, 57 % of employees believe food-based perks make them feel valued and appreciated. No one works well when hungry, and all you have to do to make people happy is to feed them.
When employees believe that their employer is interested in their physical development, they feel a deeper connection to the business because it denotes that the organisation cares about them as a person, and not just what they can do for the company.

Share positive feedback

Letting your employees know a customer appreciated their work gives them a good feeling and offers a deeper connection with your business. Positive feedback provides employees motivation to do better, keeping your customers satisfied and increasing your organisation's productivity. You can make use of the golden ratio of 5:1, which involves telling your employee five positive feedback from their work and one negative feedback, so they do not feel overwhelmed with criticism.

Create space for problem-solving and learning

It is essential to let employees lead with their ideas and solution. Problem-solving and sharing involve listening to your team's plans, allowing them to take ownership of their work, and making a safe space where every member of the group sees failure as a learning opportunity.
You will make them know that the organisation values their views and skills.
According to a report by Deloitte titled 'Talent 2020: Surveying the Talent Paradox from the Employee Perspective’, 42 percent of respondents look for a new role because they believe their current job did not use their skills and abilities appropriately.
In other words, you create a space for problem-solving and learning, which breeds loyal and motivated employees.


Employees are the strength of any organisation and determine its success. Apart from the above-listed ways of motivating employees, bonuses, and money is another incentive that can increase employee productivity.
According to Thompson & Bunderson (2003), motivation facilitates enhanced productivity by enabling dedication to a cause. Once your employees have the interest of your business at heart, they will put in their best performance to ensure that the organisation achieves its aim and objectives.
Motivation has a significant influence on how productive an organisation is. You must understand this and know how to treat your employees in the best way to get the desired result your business needs.
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