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IAPM Essentials March 08, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Don't fall for these myths about refinement in Scrum
Scrum is not described in detail in all aspects and therefore it allows a degree of flexibility. This is often a great advantage of Scrum, but it also brings with it a few misunderstandings. One misunderstanding, for example, is that it is solely the Devolopers' task to reduce technical debts. In this case, it is also the responsibility of the Product Owner, because he must decide whether the reduction should be included in the Product Backlog. Another misconception is that a Product Backlog Item cannot be divided into small tasks because then things have to be done twice in the future, such as tests. The argument: it is a waste of resources and it is not lean. However, it should be remembered that the goal of Scrum is to deliver increments. Of course it is not bad to work as resource efficient and lean as possible, but that should not be the priority.
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If you want to eat cookies, grab a plate - German language
Imagine you are eating a cookie. You take it straight from the box, without a plate. If you don't eat the cookie in one piece, crumbs are left all over the place, which of course have to be cleaned up. This all takes much longer than if you had simply taken a plate. So what does this mean? You are doing something without being properly prepared. It's quick, but you or someone else has to clean up the crumbs, and that takes even longer. You probably know a colleague who leaves everything after a meeting and you have to clean it up to be able to continue working. Or if you are a programmer working on a code that is not sufficiently documented. It's important to think about what you need to do to minimise extra work for yourself and others before you start. If it doesn't always work out, that's fine, the key is to learn from your mistakes.
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In many companies, the role of the Scrum Master is overshadowed by the other roles, although he plays an equally important role in a Scrum project. This is because his job is to make sure that everyone can work efficiently. Among other things, he makes sure that everyone has understood his task and eliminates problems for the team. In this way, he not only ensures a productive working environment, but also the necessary understanding in management. It can be seen in this way that the success of the project is the task of the Product Owner, but the success of the individual steps that have to be taken until then is the task of the Scrum Master. It is important to note that the Scrum Master is not a project manager and it is not his job to lead the team. Would you like to know what to do if you are working with an inexperienced Scrum Master or if there is no Scrum Master at all? We recommend you to read the original article!
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Agile Doesn't Work Without Psychological Safety
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Are You Sure You Want to Use OKRs?
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Auch Unternehmen kann die Luft ausgehen
(en.: Companies can also run out of air)
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Die Pandemie als Disruption der Arbeitswelt
(en.: The pandemic as a disruption of the world of work)
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More Compromises = Less Value
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My Favorite Hard Questions to Ask When Making a Decision
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Not Done? Not Scrum!
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Projekt aufgeben ist keine Option? Unfertig machen sie das mit dir!
(en.: Giving up a project is not an option? Unfinished, they do it with you!)
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Standards, Standardisierung und Agilität – ein Widerspruch?
(en.: Standards, standardization and agility – a contradiction?)
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Wie gestalten wir effektive Retrospektiven?
(en.: How do we design effective retrospectives?)
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Wie kannst Du als Scrum Master Deine Arbeit organisieren?
(en.: How can you organize your work as a Scrum Master?)
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