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IAPM Essentials February 15, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

27 Sprint Anti-Patterns – German language
The article presents 27 Sprint Anti-Patterns, and we summarise some of them for you. 1. The Product Owner doesn't let go: An entry of the Product Backlog became part of the Scrum Backlog, and the Product Owner wants to make further changes to the item, although the Developers are responsible at this point. 2. The Developers only pick the exciting tasks and leave others undone, often this is also a sign of inexperience. 3. A team member needs support from the Scrum Master, but he does not help. Often tasks are unnecessarily delayed because of this. 4. There is a lack of communication in the Scrum Team, according to the motto: Person A talks about topic B, and person C understands topic D. 5. IT management suddenly throws Scrum overboard. 6. The stakeholders bypass the Product Owner, i.e. the stakeholders talk directly to the Developers so that their concerns flow in directly. Do any of these sound familiar? Then you should read the whole article.
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Are you still quiet, or are you already talking to yourself? – German language
Many people think it's strange to talk to themselves. But why? You know and usually like yourself. So it should be natural to exchange a few words here and there. Then you can go one step further and include things from your environment: Motivate the computer to do a task faster or tell the vacuum cleaner robot that you will be right there for it. Because by expressing your thoughts out loud, you can increase your productivity. By saying - "I'm going to do this task now!" - we can better focus on that particular task. This bypasses cognitive dissonance and aligns thoughts and intentions.
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Budgeting Scrum projects – German language
Calculating the effort and cost of a Scrum project is not really possible because we usually do not know the relevant data. However, we have the possibility to estimate data based on past values. Of course, our project is unique, otherwise, it wouldn't be a project, but there is a similar project somewhere, or at least parts of a project, that we can orientate ourselves on. If these projects have not been carried out in our own company, this, of course, means more research. When using values from other projects, it is important to look at how the two projects differ. Another important factor in planning that is often overlooked is to look at opportunity costs, i.e. what advantage the new project offers. However, one must remain realistic and not consider desired values, but values that are as close to reality as possible.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Are you a Puppet Owner?
Click here to read the original article.

Auch Informationssicherheit lässt sich agil angehen
(en.: Information security can also be approached in an agile way)
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Product Owners Must Go Beyond Scrum!
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Purpose, Intuition und Gamification
(en.: Purpose, intuition and gamification)
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Scrum promotes lean thinking
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Vergesst die Digitalisierung!
(en.: Forget about digitalization!)
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Virtuelles Arbeiten: Die größten Vorteile, Herausforderungen und Erfolgsfaktoren
(en.: Virtual work: The biggest advantages, challenges and success factors)
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Why Product Managers Don’t Need Domain Knowledge to be Effective
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Why your innovation experiments fail
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Your Roadmap Isn’t Really a Road Map
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