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IAPM Essentials January 25, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

5 Reasons Why Developers Hate Product Owners
Developers are the people in a Scrum Team who give tangible value to the Product Backlog Items by developing an executable program. Although no one should tell them how to do their job at this stage, some Product Owners invent a new role for themselves and want to do just that as "Developer Owner" - that's where frustration is inevitable. To prevent this, this article presents five points on how a Product Owner should behave. First: Involve the Developers. You only meant well when you provided the Developers with an elaborated plan in order not to burden them additionally? What was meant as a good gesture will be interpreted as mistrust. To avoid this, involve the Developers in the planning. Secondly, you as Product Owner are not the boss. Although it would be obvious in view of the title, the Product Owner has no authority to issue directives. Such behaviour therefore only leads to resentment. Thirdly, it is important to trust the Developers in solving problems and not to ignore them and instead keep pushing for the implementation of features. In the penultimate point, it is important that the Product Owner makes it clear why something should be implemented, because without the Developers' understanding, motivation is lacking and productivity drops. And finally: don't put pressure on the Developers because short-term goals have not been achieved. When will something be ready? How can we increase efficiency? Why has this increment not been finished today? Instead of trying to manage the team by asking such questions, keep the overall goal in mind.
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Why you should avoid prioritisation frameworks
Frameworks like RICE or WSJF help teams prioritise functions. Basically, it works like this: everything is given a value, a formula is applied and out comes a list of important and less important functions. What seems foolproof is actually a hindrance. Often this list is far too long, you work through it and still don't make any progress, and besides: functions are created by problems and possibilities. So it would be better to prioritise problems and possibilities instead of functions. Apart from that, the calculations are based on estimates and subjective assessments. It would be more than optimistic to make an exact plan on this basis. So the only scenario for using these lists is to use them as a basis for understanding why something was prioritised the way it was.
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Debunked: The 6 biggest productivity lies  - German language
We have all been there: after the turn of the year, many people have a lot of good resolutions on their to-do list. For example, the desire for more independence and higher productivity - whether at the workplace or in one's private life. Many people think that they can use their time more effectively if they sleep less and take fewer breaks or if they parallelise tasks. But it is now scientifically proven that the brain is not capable of multitasking. You also prevent a complete regeneration of the body if cuts are made to sleep and break times in order to get more out of the day, as tempting as this may sound. Would you like to learn more misconceptions about productivity? Then it's best to read the entire article!
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

10 spannende Einblicke zum Stand des Projektmanagements 2022
(en.: 10 exciting insights into the state of project management in 2022)
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4 things decision makers get wrong when hiring an agile coach for their organization
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A wie Agiles Reifegradmodell
(en.: A for Agile Maturity Model)
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Agiler Adventskalender: BAPO vs. OPAB
(en.: Agile Advent Calendar: BAPO vs. OPAB)
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Agility is more than Scrum and Agile
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BANI – VUCA 2.0 ?
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Folge 109: Agile Dokumentation
(en.: Episode 109: Agile Documentation)
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How to Approach Project Estimation in a Healthy Way
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How to Measure the Predictability of Agile
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Purpose, Intuition und Gamification
(en.: Purpose, intuition and gamification)
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