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IAPM Essentials December 07, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

12 Awful Scrum Master Mistakes
As a Scrum Master, it is often not easy to promote the Scrum framework in a more traditional company and to participate in shaping their agile transformation. Hierarchical structures or the cultural change that takes place during this transition are just some of the potential obstacles. But even if the first steps towards more agility have been made, new problems may still arise – not only on an organisational level. The employees of the Scrum Team also influence whether and how Scrum will be used within the company in the future. In this context, (aspiring) Scrum Masters should also pay attention to how they fulfil their role – as the agile transformation can still fail here. Therefore, in this article you will find twelve crucial mistakes that you should better avoid as a Scrum Master.
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Example of a SWOT analysis: explained step by step - German language
A regular evaluation of the company's performance for identifying new projects or objectives is essential in order to prevail over the competition and to further expand the company's area of business. The SWOT analysis is a universally applicable tool for strategic planning based on external and internal factors. The acronym SWOT is short for "strengths", "weaknesses", "opportunities" and "threats" and helps to analyse the company's situation from different perspectives as well as in a structured way. If you are interested now and also want to know how this situational assessment tool can be used in practice, you will find more information in the following article!
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Team building stages according to Tuckman for Scrum Teams - German language
Whether in agile or traditional projects - teamwork is the basis of excellent project success! However, not every team performs the same and only colleagues who are well attuned to each other, with a distribution of roles (accepted by all participants) deliver exceptional work. During the team-building process, members go through different stages in which various obstacles have to be overcome. You are probably wondering now how your Scrum team can become a "performing team"? Then Lars Richter's article is just the right thing - not only does he describe the basic team phases according to Tuckman, but above all he goes into the special features of team building in Scrum.

Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

15th State of Agile Report: Agile leads the way through the pandemic and digital transformation
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7 Tipps für den professionellen Auftritt in Videokonferenzen
(en.: 7 tips for a professional appearance in video conferences)
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Die TOWS-Matrix: Von der Ist-Analyse zu strategischen Handlungsoptionen
(en.: The TOWS matrix: From As-Is Analysis to Strategic Options for Action)
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OKR tracking tool (free template)
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Overengineering can kill your product
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Scrum Is Really for Expectation Management
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Story Points sind Schweine
(en.: Story Points suck)
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The simplified scrum guide
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Warum wir von Toyota & Co. nichts lernen können
(en.: Why we have nothing to learn from Toyota & Co.)
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What is a Monte Carlo Simulation and How to Use it
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Wie schreibt man User Stories richtig?
(en.: How to write a good User Story?)
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