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IAPM Essentials November 23, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

What is outstaffing? - German language
Developers cost a lot, whether it is money or time. Smaller companies or those where software development is not part of the core business often cannot afford to have a large team of developers on standby. This is where outstaffing comes in. In contrast to outsourcing, where all the work is done by external service providers, here the work is done by the client and the contractor. The internal team of developers is augmented by the external one. The advantages: projects are often completed more quickly, thanks to different expertise, and integration into one's own digital ecosystem is easier. Which approach is now taken, outsourcing or staffing, depends on the company, because both ensure scalable software development. For example, the following questions need to be asked: Is the infrastructure in place to carry out a development project or how important is it to develop the software in-house? The answer to these questions is decisive for the choice of method.
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Top 7 Scrum Master Interview Questions
When you hire a Scrum Master, it is often difficult to assess their professional and personal suitability at first glance. To make this easier, this article presents seven questions you can ask in a job interview. To test professional knowledge, you could ask what the difference is between a product and a sprint backlog, what a sprint retrospective is, why it is important, or what defines Scrumban. To better assess personal suitability, you can ask about coaching experience. It is important to remember that everyone has started from scratch and that even inexperienced Scrum Masters can be valuable. "What does your Daily Scrum Meeting look like?" The answer should express that it is for the team and not an update for the stakeholders. Another important question can be how to deal with (potential) delays in the project. Lastly, it can be asked how tasks are managed and how they are distributed.
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Why retrospectives are so important - German language
The aim of a Sprint Retrospective is to look at processes again. This allows the team to better understand why something was done and how, and it builds trust and transparency. In addition, the Retrospective provides a space for improvement so that things can go well or better next time. If a Retrospective has taken place, there are concrete measures at the end. The team has agreed on these measures, an adjustment of these must also be discussed with the team accordingly, if it does not work as hoped or needs to be adjusted. For all this to work, the Retrospective must be well managed and prepared. It must also be clear to each person that this appointment is not voluntary, so everyone must come and each team member must contribute. This is followed by the Retrospective of the Retrospective. How can the next one go even better? All this should take place regularly.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

5 Ways to Gather Stakeholder Feedback in a Remote Environment
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9 Reasons Why Projects Get Delayed and How to Avoid Them
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Creating an agile transformation roadmap
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Failure Cultures Reward failure.
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How using sprint goals can boost agile flexibility
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Hybride Arbeitsmodelle: Wie die Einführung agiler Arbeitsweisen im Unternehmen gelingt
(en.: Hybrid working models: How the introduction of agile working methods succeeds in the company)
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Konflikteskalation nach Glasl: Von der Meinungsverschiedenheit zur Katastrophe
(en.: Conflict escalation according to Glasl: From disagreement to catastrophe)
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Scrum im Führungsteam, macht das Sinn?
(en.: Scrum in the leadership team, does that make sense?)
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Selbstführung: so knackst du deine unbewusste Inkompetenz!
(en.: Self-leadership: this is how you crack your unconscious incompetence!)
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Some practical tips for slowing down
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