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IAPM Essentials November 02, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

If You Are Done Scrumming, Try Some Kanban!
Scrum is not by accident the most popular framework used in software development - but is not the only one. Lean Kanban is another framework that is used in some companies and might even be better than Scrum in some cases. Like Scrum, it is not a method, but a philosophy and it offers some flexibility within the basic framework. Lean Kanban can eliminate some of the problems that can occur with Scrum. Such as overwhelming user stories or that the team is obsessed with processes instead of progress. Kanban works just-in-time and lean. Yet it is not a planning system - it is used to visualise workflows. It also operates on a "pull system", meaning that a trigger indicates that work can be "pulled" to the next task. If you want to read more about Lean Kanban, the basic practices and ceremonies, take a look at the original article!
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Positive error culture: It is a mistake not to make mistakes! - German language
Mistakes happen in every company, because no human being is infallible. Admitting this mistake is often not an easy task. But if the mistake is admitted, it can bring a decisive advantage: You can learn from this mistake and next time take a different path to achieve the goal. This in turn means that with mistakes comes progress. A crucial factor here is the error culture that prevails in the company. That is, how mistakes are dealt with. Is it openly discussed without sanctions and discussed how things can be better in the future, or is every mistake, no matter how small, severely punished, resulting in mistakes being covered up? You can see directly which culture is better. A positive error culture can be established through an "error management system", by talking honestly about errors and by being a good role model as a leader yourself.

The 4 biggest mistakes engineers make when forecasting revenue
Proper resource management and correctly forecasting revenue is critical to the commercial success of many businesses. So what are the four most common mistakes made here? The first mistake to mention is lack of real-time data due to intransparency between or within projects. This also relates to employees as the second mistake. Here, schedules must be clearly communicated in order to meet deadlines. The third mistake is the following: Knowledge from previous projects is often not included. This can lead to a repetition of mistakes, although one should have known better. The last mistake is failing to adjust one's calculations. Most costs, whether employee salary or material costs, change on a regular basis. So this means that there should be no oversight in adjusting this data in the calculation.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Better Scrum through Essence
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Coaching als Führungsstil. Funktioniert nicht – macht es trotzdem!
(en.: Coaching as a leadership style. It doesn't work – do it anyway!)
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Das PARIS-Modell im Service
(en.: The PARIS model in service)
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Five reasons for having a Definition of Done
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Gute Führung ist so einfach
(en.: Good leadership is so easy)
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INVEST in Good Stories, and SMART Tasks
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Im Team lernen (1)
(en.: Learning in a team (1))
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Im Team lernen (2)
(en.: Learning in a team (2))
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Improve team performance? Ensure psychological safety!
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Needs, Wants, and Wishes on Your Product Backlog
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Was ist das richtige Maß an Qualität? [Technische Schuld]
(en.: What is the right level of quality? [Technical Debt])
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