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IAPM Essentials October 12, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

82: Replatforming the cash cow
Probably every organisation has a product that is very well demanded and sold. This so-called cash cow product brings in high margins and the expenditure is relatively low. So it is almost obvious to work on this product further in order to get even more profit out of it, isn't it? Unfortunately, it is not that easy, because this product has certainly been revised and optimised several times. In most cases, it has also been some time since this product was developed. And this is where the problems lie. Did the previous developer perhaps have implicit knowledge that the current engineers do not have? Were there adjustments during development that were not documented? And even if you can answer these two questions with a negative answer, the question is whether the users will approve of an adaptation of this product. Jock Busuttil explains whether further editing of a cash cow product makes sense and what alternatives you have. 
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How to Succeed as a Proxy Product Owner
If you are a Product Owner, your role description may be different depending on the company, because not all Product Owners are the same. One of your challenges is to find out how you fit into the context. David Pereira has held many Product Owner positions during his career and the one that has been the most challenging for him personally is the Proxy Product Owner. The Proxy Product Owner is the representative of the decision makers and he is responsible for tactical but not for strategic tasks. His position is therefore more limited than that of the Scrum Product Owner. If you are currently or will be working as a Proxy Product Owner, you will find valuable tips in this article that will help you to get the most out of this role.
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What is the difference between priming and the primacy effect? - German language
Priming - this literally means laying the foundation. Priming is about preparation. It involves setting an interlocutor on a certain course by influencing his or her thoughts and perceptions. To achieve this, the actual topic is not addressed, but things that seem unimportant. For example, an insurance agent does not barge in and ask if you want to take out life insurance. He talks about seemingly trivial things and casually mentions that someone died in a car accident and left behind a family. Many then put themselves in that situation and consider taking out insurance. The primacy effect basically does exactly the same thing - influencing the other person. Here, however, the first impression is described. If this is serious and secure, everything after that is no longer quite so important and actually negative qualities are overlooked or seen as not so important. 
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

9 Zapier Integrations That Will Automate Your Task Management Workflow
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Fluid Scrum Teams vs Fixed Scrum Teams — A comparison
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Interim-Managerin Kollmann : "Das Wichtigste bei Veränderungen sind die Mitarbeiter"
(en.: Interim Manager Kollmann : "The most important thing in change is the staff".)
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Is It Dangerous to Calculate the Cost per Point?
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Kaizen oder warum es Verwaltungen so schwer fällt, grundlegend Neues zu denken und was man dafür tun kann
(en.: Kaizen or why it is so difficult for administrations to think fundamentally new and what you can do)
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Kennst Du schon diese 3 Tipps für Gehaltsverhandlungen?
(en.: Do you already know these 3 tips for salary negotiations?)
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Mit Projektprozessen den Ablauf von Projekten standardisieren
(en.: Standardising the course of projects with project processes)
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Remote Work: Wie Führung und Zusammenarbeit in verteilten Teams gelingen.
(en.: Remote Work: How leadership and collaboration succeed in distributed teams.)
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Scrum-Master: Karriereoption auch für ältere Führungskräfte
(en.: Scrum Master: Career option also for elder managers)
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The highest paid person’s opinion
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Yes, Agile management is powerful. But it can't fix every problem
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