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IAPM Essentials September 21, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Do we still need a Scrum Master in a mature Scrum Team?
Imagine that your organisation has been working agile for a long time and that you as a Developer, as part of the Scrum Team, know Scrum very well. Do you think that the Scrum Master is still necessary? After all, you and your team are very experienced in the field, aren't you? Ken Kwan deals with exactly this topic in his article. To answer and visualise the question, he takes a football match as an example and compares the Scrum Master with the referee. Even if it doesn't look like it at first glance, the referee and the Scrum Master have a lot in common - especially the fact that the teams can still be as good and experienced as they are - without a referee or without a Scrum Master, things can still go wrong. You want to know what exactly can happen? Then you should read the article.
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How Can Project Managers Handle A Team Member With A Toxic Personality?
Toxic person - someone who puts team members down, creates a negative working atmosphere and criticises everything without providing any meaningful input. To prevent this behaviour from having a negative impact on the team and project, it is important to identify this person in time and take action.If you as a project manager know which person it is, it is important to evaluate whether it is a problem in the team (e.g. lack of motivation) or a problem in the person's personality. If the problem is only related to one person, it must be discussed with that person. Either in private or in the team. If this is not successful, the last step is to consult the HR department and the employee's supervisor. Documenting everything is important in any action.
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Is the Scrum Master a part-time position? - German language
In this week's first recommended article, it was already explained that even experienced Scrum Teams need a Scrum Master and that this role is part of the Scrum framework. But what about the time commitment for this role? Can the Scrum Master only assist the team on a part-time basis or should the position of Scrum Master basically be considered a full-time position? Many Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters agree on this point: a Scrum Master should be available to the team on a full-time basis. Organisations that have not yet fully implemented agility and mostly have the economic factor in mind often prefer the cheaper option: to consider the Scrum Master position as a part-time position. Read the article by Felix Stein to find out what Jeff Sutherland thinks about this idea and what is behind his opinion.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Agile Strategie in skalierten Unternehmen: Die Kunst OKRs und SAFe zu kombinieren
(en.: Agile strategy in scaled enterprises: The art of combining OKRs and SAFe)
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Agile at 20: The Failed Rebellion
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How to set up service excellence teams as part of a DevOps transformation
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OKRs: Workpath bringt Googles Wunderwaffe in Konzerne
(en.: OKRs: Workpath brings Google's magic bullet to corporations)
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Scrum: So erstellen Sie gute User Storys
(en.: Scrum: How to create good user stories)
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Shu Ha Ri and Scrum – Can We Compare or It Is Just Elusive?
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The 8 Best Free Asana Alternatives for Project Management - MakeUseOf
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Using OKRs with Scrum and Evidence Based Management
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Wenn zu viele Tools keine Hilfe mehr sind
(en.: When too many tools are no help anymore)
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„Hör auf Scrum zu verkaufen!“
(en.: "Stop selling Scrum!")
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