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IAPM Essentials September 07, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Agile misconceptions: Anyone can do anything - German language
An agile misconception, which is not completely wrong, suggests that every team member in a software team can do anything. The fact is that you prefer to work on the tasks that you enjoy, that you are good at or for which you were initially hired. A tester will therefore work on tasks that concern the frontend more reluctantly than a frontend developer - even if the tester could. Unequal skills and abilities can cause bottlenecks during software development. These bottlenecks can be circumvented, for example, by employing full-stack developers. However, this does not mean that all other specialised developers are dispensable. What is important is that each team member becomes more flexible and can also work on other tasks in addition to his area of expertise.
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Precise terms, please - German language
In order to be able to talk to each other properly, there needs to be an identical, or at least similar, definition of the terms used. In his article, Jan Fischbach describes three ways he uses to create a common basis. First, one starts with a history of ideas - how a term originated and developed. If that is not enough, he recommends a Google Scholar search with the term in question including a "literature review". The last step is to discuss the term in the team. Even if some of these steps can be very time-consuming, they generate tangible benefits. An equal understanding of the terms prevents misunderstandings and forms "the basis for progress and innovation in processes and products". Are you curious? Then read this detailed article.
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The Big Project Syndrom
There are managers who are so enthusiastic about a new idea that they make it the most important project in the company - at the expense of other projects. In this case, experienced employees know that no resistance is possible and thus unintentionally ensure that the project becomes bigger and more important. But when the project nears its end, the results are often insufficient. Since the project seems too important and too big to perform badly, however, more and more is invested - without achieving a satisfactory result. Most of these projects are a huge waste of time and fail. But how can you get around this problem? The solution is simple: dream big, but start small. This way the project can grow organically and resources can be allocated wisely and at the right time.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

7 Project Management Alternatives to Gantt Charts
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Break the Cycle of Yesterday's Logic in Organizational Change and Agile Adoption
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Digitale Transformation: So treibt Audi die Softwareentwicklung in Ingolstadt voran
(en.: Digital transformation: How Audi is driving software development in Ingolstadt)
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GitOps – die bessere Art, DevOps zu machen
(en.: GitOps - the better way to do DevOps)
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How to Save Customers from Info Overload with Visual Project Management
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How to detect bias when writing and reading about Scrum
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How to ensure success from hyperautomation projects
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Mindset ist alles: So brichst du Murphys Gesetz im Projektmanagement
(en.: Mindset is everything: How to break Murphy's Law in project management)
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Remote Work Tools: Top 6 for Better Collaboration
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Wenn „To Do“ und „Done“ fehlen …
(en.: When "To Do" and "Done" are missing…)
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