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IAPM Essentials August 31, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

9 Common Mistakes in Project Management (and What to Do Instead)
Many project managers know that when mistakes happen in a project, no matter how small, they can lead to massive additional costs and even to the failure of the project. To prevent this from happening, Tamal Das presents nine typical mistakes and how to avoid them. For example, using a strategy that is suitable for the project but does not match the skills of the team members. Or if the project manager wants to micro-manage the team, which could lead to a negative working environment.
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The change project is dead - long live change! - German language
Change - a big problem in many companies. After all, the bigger the company, the happier people are when the processes run at all. Stable and established workflows keep things running smoothly until they don't because of their rigidity. This is the case when a company suddenly can no longer work with the outdated structures and is forced to change without being prepared for it. This is exactly where change management comes in. It ensures the transition from a stable state to a new one. For this, the purpose of the change must be clear and all employees must be brought on board. Continuous development should thus become a constant in which every employee - within a given framework and known direction - counts it among his tasks and duties to further develop the company through his own contributions.
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How I Failed As A Scrum Master For My Most Prestigious Team
In this article, Willem-Jan Ageling describes a failure during his work as a Scrum Master. Working with a new team, apart from the Product Owner, the goal was to develop a new tool for real-time reporting. Everything started as planned and after the first Sprint the stakeholders were excited and the team was happy. He describes the very successful start as problematic because it made him inattentive. This and the fact that he was Scrum Master for three teams as well as having responsibility for coaching and promoting agility and Scrum in the company. He was taking on too much. Product increments were no longer submitted, only status reports, and fewer and fewer stakeholders came to sprint reviews. This was the point where he realised something was going wrong. In the end, Ageling decided to fix the problems, to hand over his role as Scrum Master and to advise the new Scrum Master.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

10 Essential Project Management Skills You Must Have in 2021
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150 Jahre Scrum
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Agile Softwareentwicklung: Entwickler und Controller gehören an einen Tisch
(en.: Agile software development: developers and controllers should be brought together)
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DataOps – moving beyond DevOps for a healthy data pipeline
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DevOps in Microsoft FinOps
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Ein Anstoß zur Reflexion deines Handelns als Scrum Master
(en.: An impulse to reflect on your actions as a Scrum Master)
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Erfolgsfaktor Projektmanagement im Bereich Life Science
(en.: Success factor project management in the life science sector)
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How I Got My First Job as a Product Owner
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Microsoft Outlook has a handy new tool for project management
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Von Projekt zu Projekt, Auftrag erledigen und weiter
(en.: Moving from project to project, getting the job done and carrying on)
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