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IAPM Essentials August 24, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Hybrid is the new Waterfall – German language
Hybrid models and frameworks are becoming increasingly important in project management - as an attentive reader of the IAPM blog, this has certainly not escaped your attention. This is also the conclusion of the benchmark report "Digital Product Development", which was conducted by SwissQ. The hybrid approach, i.e. the combination of classic and agile or the linking of different agile approaches, is used more often than classic or agile methods alone. Although more than half of the respondents are satisfied with the change, there is still room for improvement. Read this article and take a look at the study to find out how your organisation can also benefit from more agility.
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The V-Model: definition, types and phases – German language
All project managers who have never heard of the V-model - despite its age - or who enjoy working using a waterfall model, should be interested in this article! Andrea Windolph outlines the linear process model with its variations and phases. She also shows the advantages and disadvantages of this approach. You already know the V-model and want to delve deeper into this topic? Then you will also get your money's worth, because Andrea Windolph links to a detailed documentation of a variation of the V-Model in her article. Enjoy reading!
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The Changing Role of the Agile Coach
When Scrum was developed, agile techniques were still in their initial stages. But in the meantime, from the agile frameworks and methods, some roles have been established in companies, which are indispensable for agile leadership as well as company development. The scope of a Scrum Master changes slightly depending on the phase that a company is going through in its development towards more agility, and this has ultimately led to the function of an Agile Coach. You are probably wondering now which phases companies go through to become more Agile? You can find this and other interesting role models around Agile Coaches in the article by Derk-Jan de Grood!
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

10 Tipps für eine bessere Projektleitung
(en.: 10 tips for improved project management)
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258. Agil arbeiten wie Spotify: Scrum schnell & einfach einführen
(en.: 258 Working Agile Like Spotify: Implementing Scrum Quickly & Easily)
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Agile Marketing and Scrum: 5 Steps to Start Driving Results More Efficiently
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Applying Lean Tools and Techniques to Scrum
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Can Scrum work for hard deadlines?
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Das Wasserfallmodell einfach erklärt
(en.: The waterfall model explained simply)
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For successful AI projects, celebrate your graveyard and be prepared to fail fast
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Johanna Rothman on Modern Management Made Easy
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Keine To-do-Liste mehr – ein Experiment
(en.: No more to-do list - an experiment)
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Weißt Du was die ALPEN-Methode ist?
(en: Are you familiar with the ALPEN method?)
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Why Scrum Requires a Failure Culture — Making Your Scrum Work #10
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