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IAPM Essentials August 17, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Agility is like riding a bike – German language
"Agility is like riding a bike" - if you don't learn it, you will fail and fall off. This topic is also relevant in agile project management. Marcus Raitner describes how frameworks like Scrum are all too often seen as a panacea and their application is therefore prescribed to the teams. And this without them ever having had the opportunity to apply and learn agile methods or frameworks. This does not benefit the project, which in such cases is often in danger of failing anyway. Therefore, it is better to learn the application in a safe environment beforehand.  Just like riding a bike - before you ride downhill BMX, you should know how to ride a bike. 
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Lean Thinking in Sales and Marketing – German language
Contrary to the assumption of many companies, lean management does not only consider manufacturing and production, but is a holistic approach that includes all areas of the company. This applies in particular to processes that are not immediately suspected of needing to be slimmed down and changed, such as sales and marketing. Here, a long-term partnership with the customer is to be built, from which everyone benefits. Tom Alpers illustrates the facts in his article and shows this particular relevance in connection with Lean Thinking – so why not have a look inside?
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How To Measure The Success Of A Scrum Master?
In addition to Developers and a Product Owner, a successful Scrum Team naturally includes a Scrum Master. Although the success of the entire team can be measured by quantifying the continuous delivery of value and the satisfaction of stakeholders, for some members of the organisation the success of the Scrum Master is unfortunately not so easy to determine. This is because their role is to act as a facilitator, to assist the team by resolving impediments, but also to support the whole organisation in becoming more agile. Compared to the Developers or the Product Owner, their work is less apparent, which may cause some recruiters to doubt whether a Scrum Master is needed at all. Still, there are some ways to quantify his success – but how, you may ask? Then check out the article from Barry Overeem.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Avoid These Common Problem Solving Pitfalls
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Business Model, Buisness-Plan und Business Case: Unterschiede und Gemeinsamkeiten
(en.: Business Model, Business Plan and Business Case: Differences and Similarities)
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Hardening sprint: Scrum anti-pattern or necessity?
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How To Run A Sprint Review, Online?

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Methoden sind Werkzeuge und Hilfsmittel, nicht die Lösung

(en.: Methods are tools, not the solution)
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Reawakening Agile with OKRs?

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The Era of the Solo Project Manager is Over: Why Your FX Firm Needs a PMO
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Was ist eigentlich Agile Leadership?
(en.: What is Agile Leadership?)
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Why I Don’t Emphasize Sprint Goals

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