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IAPM Essentials May 11, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

What Happens When Product Owners Slide Into Project Management?
Different undertakings require different approaches. If, for example, the exact project goal is known and there is a given time frame, then traditional project management methods would be suitable for realising the project. Is the project rather complex and the goal not yet precisely defined? Then an agile approach would be more advisable. However, it becomes problematic as soon as traditional demands on project work are transferred to an agile process model without being aware of the consequences. This is exactly the problem David Pereira addresses in his blog post. Besides an insight into this topic, he describes which problems can arise within a Scrum Team if the Product Owner falls too much into the role of the project manager and he also gives valuable suggestions for solutions.
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Going Out of Our Minds with Lean Thinking
A major difference between traditional and agile project management is that traditional methods tend to be project plan-centred, whereas in agile models the customer is at the very heart of the project. In addition to the engagement of interdisciplinary teams for optimal problem solving, the customer's point of view should also play a key role in the product design in order to satisfy their needs and create added value for them. Lean thinking also integrates this very customer-centricity into the course of a continuous improvement process and can also be used to get a glimpse into the user's mind. Are you wondering how this works? Then check out Jon Miller's article!
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Stress sabotages change - (German language)
Mental stress at work is becoming more and more prevalent and it is therefore not surprising that many employees are stressed. But what effects does stress have on people and on work? Agile work and creativity in particular suffer from rising stress levels, because as soon as one is under stress, the areas of the brain responsible for flexible thinking are reduced. Correspondingly, brain areas that support old habits are strengthened. Stress - whether consciously perceived or not - is never good, because the body adjusts itself to flight or attack in a stressful situation. Nevertheless, stress can increase performance because a stressful situation is accompanied by increased alertness. According to Guenther Wagner, each individual should find his or her basic tension and return to this basic tension. He himself manages it with mindfulness and Aikido training.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Data-Informed Retrospectives - Age-of-Product
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Der Scrum Master: „Love it, leave it, or change it!“
(en.: The Scrum Master: „Love it, Leave it, or Change it!“)
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Die Autonomie-Falle
(en.: The Autonomy Trap)
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In Kombination am erfolgreichsten: Design Thinking, Lean Startup und agile Entwicklung
(en.: Most Successful in Combination: Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile Development)
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Notion Vs Trello: Which Productivity App Should You Use in 2021
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SAFe is not agile! Here is why it might still be useful
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Selbstorganisation entfesseln
(en.: Unleashing Self-organisation)
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Teambuilding: Was hilft am Meisten?
(en.: Teambuilding: What Helps Most?)
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The Agile Manifesto: Why Agile Makes Sense
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The Dark Side Of OKRs (And Why We Should Care)
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Warum Lean kein Zauberstab ist
(en.: Why Lean is not a Magic Wand)
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