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IAPM Essentials May 04, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Do You Need a Full Time Scrum Master for Scrum?
Some organisations are considering the introduction of agile project management methods in order to increase productivity or to achieve a closer customer relationship. Among all agile methods, the Scrum framework is quite widespread and therefore initially the tool of choice when it comes to realigning the organisational culture. Unfortunately, when Scrum is introduced, sometimes only parts of the framework are adapted and not the full framework is implemented, which in the worst case leads to a greater burden on the project teams and ultimately is anything but agile. One question that arises frequently in this context is the correct distribution of roles among the project team members – especially when it comes to the role of the Scrum Master. Can this position be staffed properly and is a Scrum Master even needed as a full-time employee? Can't a Developer take that role on a part-time basis or can't it be dispensed with altogether? Before you judge prematurely, read the article by Anthony Mersino to get a better insight into this issue!
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Annual reviews are a massive agile anti-pattern
Apart from planning and realising goals or projects as well as setting milestones, regular meetings to review the results are also part of a company's routine. During these reviews, it is checked whether everything is still on track or whether the set goals have been achieved - and if adjustments are to be made. Annual reviews have the purpose of checking the previous year's planning and discussing the achieved results. Certainly, this is not what agile looks like! Are annual reviews still relevant today? According to Sander Dur, they are often too inflexible, depriving the individual and also the company of the opportunity to quickly review results, as well as adjusting plans and company goals to important performance criteria. What can be done instead and which reasons also speak against annual reviews can be read in the entire article.
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Product-Centric is Just as Bad as Sales-Driven
In his article, Itamar Gilad describes two types of companies: The first type is product-centric and the second is sales-driven. But which type of company is better and why? Itamar Gilad points out that neither type is better, because both have disadvantages: If a company is too product-centric, then there is a vision that has to be marketed - no matter how. On the other side are companies that want to become market leaders and win the "war for customers". Both types are extremes, and yet they have something in common: they are both self-centred. The author believes that the key to success, however, is to focus on the market and thus act in a market- or customer-oriented way. Do you want to know how to make your company market-oriented? Then you should read the complete article.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

#292 – Die Magie der 1 (Back to the Roots)
(en.: #292 - The Magic of 1 (Back to the Roots))
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Agiles Mindset? Ich wüsste da etwas viel Besseres! 
(en.: Agile Mindset? I can think of something much better!)
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Agiles auf die Ohren: Interessante Podcasts für die Agile Verwaltung
(en.: Agile for your ears: Interesting podcasts for Agile management)
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Be Careful! SAFe May Be an Undercover Waterfall Agent!
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Erfolgreiche IT-Projekte in stürmischen Zeiten
(en.: Successful IT projects during stormy times)
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Half-Waterfall: Extra Cost, Uncertain Benefits
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How To Run Effective Meetings - The Buurtzorg Way
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How to choose the right kpis for your product
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Störung der Komfortzone
(en.: Disrupting the comfort zone)
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Warum Berater oft zum Selbstzweck mutieren
(en.: Why advisors often mutate into an end in themselves)
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