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IAPM Essentials February 23, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

The Three Types of Requirements on Any Project
In every project you have basically the following requirements: Known, overlooked and emerging requirements. Known requirements are clearly communicated in advance; project participants know that these requirements exist and that they must be implemented. The situation is different for overlooked requirements. These should be known and clearly communicated, but were forgotten, not noticed, or not included for some other reason. The third category is called "emerging requirements". These requirements are neither known nor could they have been known in advance, even by communicating very well, because this needs only arise during product development. This type of requirement exists in every product development – the real challenge is to uncover the requirement as early as possible in order to integrate it into the product development as soon as possible.
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Warum die Knappheit die Mutter aller Verbesserungen ist
A scarcity represents kind of a drive that, in combination with a vision, can lead to an improvement of the current state. It is important that not only the current state, which is characterised by scarcity, but also the target state is known. Only then an improvement can be achieved. The manager's task is to motivate the employees, to enable them to actively participate in shaping the improvement and to make them aware of the benefits of the change – because only then is it no longer just the problem that is being dealt with, but a change – an improvement – is being sought.
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You Can’t be Lean Unless You’re Agile
Many companies work under the guise of agility and they are apparently successful doing so. But are they really working in an agile way or are they just carrying out many small waterfall projects one after the other? The difference lies in the mindset and improved communication. The lean cycle (build – measure – learn) ensures that you are on the right track and the short iterations guarantee that regular releases take place.
In this example, agile and lean principles are closely intertwined. Often, however, the two terms are equated or used interchangeably. But this is not quite correct: agile does not necessarily mean lean, but lean processes are not possible without the application of agile.  
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

2040 - Wie wir leben und arbeiten WOLLEN
(en.: 2040 - How we WANT to live and work)
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Der neue Scrum-Guide: Das kostenlose Hörbuch zum Download
(en.: The new Scrum Guide: The free audio book to download)
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Fixing Your Scrum: A Forensic Product Backlog Analysis (Part 1)
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Measuring Product Success with Pinterest Head of Growth
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Story Mapping nutzen, um über Outcome zu sprechen
(en.: Using Story Mapping to talk about outcome)
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The Cult of Best Practice
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Three Practices to Celebrate Your Day
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Wer ist eigentlich für die Definition of Done verantwortlich?
(en.: Who is actually responsible for the Definition of Done?)
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Wunderwaffe Agilität: Die Lösung all unserer Probleme?
(en.: Miracle Weapon Agility: The solution to all our problems?)
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