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IAPM Essentials November 24, 2020

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

How to effectively plan sprints for agile marketing teams
Perhaps you still remember your school days or the time you spent studying and writing papers? When was the most productive time for you while working on these papers? Maybe you now think that you were most productive when the deadline was approaching. This still applies to many project team members today - that's why Scrum and the included sprints make sense for many types of projects. Stacey Ackerman was interested in the question whether sprints can or should be used by marketing teams, as well. Scrum focuses on delivering as early as possible and reworking if necessary. This strategy is not appropriate for marketing teams, as blog articles, press releases or posts, for example, cannot be published "unfinished". Nevertheless, marketing teams can also benefit from agile collaboration. Sprints ensure that the team is self-organised and committed to its work. Iterative tasks increase productivity and one person is responsible for the communication.
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Warum agiles Vorgehen den Wasserfall im Engineering ablösen muss
Traditional project management, i.e. the waterfall approach, has been used for decades to carry out engineering projects. Using this phase model, everything is clearly structured and the process is defined from scratch. Late changes during the project can sometimes be very costly, but they are not uncommon. The reason for this is that customer requirements can change at any time and it can also happen that the general conditions have to be adapted. In addition to the disadvantage of changes, there is also often a lack of time during ongoing projects, so that new phases may have to start before previous phases have been completed - there is no way back when using the waterfall model. All these mentioned aspects can be unproblematic for many projects - but for engineering projects this lack of flexibility can be a disaster. Monika Zwettler therefore believes that such projects must become more agile in order to meet today's requirements.
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Why are so many companies making the switch to Kanban?
Kanban was developed by Toyota in the middle of the last century to minimise waste and to increase production efficiency. Meanwhile many teams use this method to manage their projects. This article deals with the question of how this change came into being. Furthermore it is discussed why Kanban is now a method that is widely used in various industries. Through the visualisation on the Kanban board all team members can see which tasks are on the to-do list, which are currently being processed and which tasks are already done. This avoids that tasks are processed by several people at the same time or that time is spent on obsolete tasks. Individual team members can be supported by their colleagues, thus avoiding bottlenecks. In addition, the Kanban board prevents multitasking, as one person cannot process an infinite number of tasks in parallel.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

8 Powerful Team Collaboration Strategies: The Ultimate Guide
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Agile development: How to tackle complexity and get stuff done
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Boost your Backlog – Teil 2
(en.: Boost your Backlog – Part 2)
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Der OKR-Zyklus: Ziele optimal im Jahresverlauf definieren und nachverfolgen
(en.: The OKR cycle: Defining and following up objectives over the course of the year)
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DevOps job hunt: 3 resume writing tips
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Die „Drauf-rum-Denker“
(en.: The overthinker)
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Entscheidungstechniken für selbstorganisierte Projektteams – Teil 1
(en.: Decision-making techniques for self-organised project teams - Part 1)
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How Real Product Teams Make OKRs work: Survey Results
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Krisenresistente IT-Projekte: Was deutsche Unternehmen jetzt tun können
(en.: Crisis-resistant IT projects: What German companies can do right now)
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Value vs Time: an Agile Contract Model
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Wie gutes Controlling die erfolgreiche Umsetzung von Softwareprojekten ermöglicht
(en.: How successful software projects can be implemented through good controlling)
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