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Logo of IAPM Essentials number 25.

IAPM Essentials October 20, 2020

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Here’s Why Many Developers Hate Scrum
With the transition to Scrum, team members have to accept some changes. A Scrum team is self-organised and with that comes a certain responsibility. When the new responsibilities are distributed, it is noticeable that they represent additional work for the team. For this reason it is not surprising for Willem-Jan Ageling when developers say that they just want to code. But this poses a problem: if the developers simply want to code and do not meet their responsibilities, then self-organisation is not feasible either. Because only those who commit themselves to Scrum actually live it and implement it effectively. Willem-Jan Ageling offers two solutions to get out of this dilemma: Either the team is provided with additional capacities or the team screws down the expectations for the final product. Since the last of the two options should not be the preferred method, he recommends that the team should be adequately supported.
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Smarte Personalabteilung: Cloud statt Aktenschrank
In times of digitalisation, globalisation and new work, one might think that HR departments also rely on digital support. In many cases, however, it is still the norm that personnel files are managed in paper format. This is despite the fact that most HR professionals are aware that the paper format personnel file brings more disadvantages than advantages. Tina Bohlmann knows the arguments against a digital personnel file. In her article, she explains why companies should rely on it anyway. The processing of personal data is usually a challenge because there is a lot to consider when it comes to data protection. Especially with personnel files, data protection plays an important role. But with the right programme, this is no longer an obstacle. If the digital personnel file is implemented correctly, so that it can be accessed from anywhere, for example, the productivity of the personnel department can increase.

Scrum Master: contract your team!
When an organisation hires a Scrum Master, then usually a contract is made between the organisation and the Scrum Master. Jasper Alblas is of the opinion that not only this official contract is relevant to successfully implement Scrum. The psychological contract that is concluded between the Scrum Master and the Scrum Team also contributes to the completion of a project - to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Jasper Alblas equated the unofficial psychological contract with contacts. In his opinion a Scrum Master has to be and remain in contact with his Scrum Team. This ensures that all parties involved are satisfied and benefit.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

14 Project Management Tips For New Tech Leaders
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18 Gründe, warum soziale Organisationen scheitern (und was man dagegen tun kann) 
(en.: 18 reasons for social organisations to fail (and what can be done about it))
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20 Questions from New Scrum Master to Product Owner
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5 traits other leaders can learn from successful project managers
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Agilität: Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?
(en.: Agility: Is that art or can that be removed?)
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Besser denken lernen: Das Mentat Wiki 
(en.: Learning to think better: The Mentat Wiki)
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Effektives Energiemanagement für entspannte Projekte 
(en.: Effective energy management for relaxed projects)
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Five reasons why Scrum is not helping in getting twice the work done in half the time
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Projektentwickler: Excel-Datei statt Digitalisierung
(en.: Project developers: Excel file instead of digitalisation)
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So It’s Not Scrum
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Weisst du was Lean Coffee ist? 
(en.: Do you know about Lean Coffee?)
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