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IAPM Essentials October 13, 2020

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Why is Scrum a Process?
The Agile Manifesto states the following: "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools"
Erik de Bos interprets this first sentence to mean that interpersonal communication and interaction must first be established before processes can be implemented. What seems paradoxical in this context is the fact that the agile framework Scrum is a process. But how can an agile framework be organised as a process when processes are given secondary relevance? Erik de Bos explains this paradox as follows: Although Scrum is a process, this does not mean that the agility behind it is also a process. Scrum is just one piece of the puzzle among many needed to achieve agility. Important in this context is the attitude and behaviour and not the strict following of a process without reflecting.
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Are Estimates Ever Helpful to Developers?
As a developer or programmer it is commonplace to make estimates. If the estimates ultimately correspond to reality, this is usually taken for granted. But if the team is wrong in the estimation, stakeholders become dissatisfied. Wouldn't it then be the logical conclusion to simply not estimate at all? Mike Cohn, who has often been in this situation himself as a programmer, says no. Refusing to estimate is not an option for him. He also explains why: Every team that estimates and, above all, wants to estimate develops a certain negotiating power towards the stakeholders. Once the team has proven that the estimates were good, the stakeholders know that they can trust the team and its opinion. In future projects, the team will be met at eye level.
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Leading an Agile Organization with an Efficiency Mindset
In recent decades, a lot has happened worldwide - and these changes have been happening at an ever faster pace. Technological progress in particular has been and continues to be an important driver - both in the world of work and in private life. Duncan Robins assumes that the changes in the professional environment will be strongly felt: In the future, workers will be replaced by robots or bots. In order for an organisation to continue to play a role on the (world) market, Duncan Robins is convinced that structures must become more agile and flexible. Continuous improvement and the uniqueness of human action play an important role in this context.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Agile Missverständnisse: Scrum funktioniert auch in Ansätzen
(en.: Agile misunderstandings: Scrum also works partially)
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Agilität? Haben wir probiert! Funktioniert nicht! – Teil 5
(en.: Agility? We have tried it! It doesn't work! - Part 5)
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Das Lastenheft in der agilen Welt
(en.: The specifications in the agile world)
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Das Spaltmaß und die Agilität
(en.: The gap size and agility)
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Debunking Popular Scrum Myths
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DevOps: Vollständige Automatisierung ist nicht zwingend die Lösung
(en.: DevOps: Full automation is not necessarily the answer)
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Die Führungskraft als Scrum Master oder Product Owner – geht das gut?
(en.: The supervisor as a Scrum Master or Product Owner - is that a good idea?)
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Download the 2020 Business Agility Report
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Error conversation
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Introducing Maximum Viable Product (MaxVP)
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Projektarbeit: Mit diesen 8 Tools meistert ihr die Retrospektive
(en.: Project work: With these 8 tools you can master the retrospective)
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