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IAPM Essentials September 29, 2020

Agile and Project Management
This article lists various contributions that will help you to successfully master your everyday project life. In this collection you will find articles about different topics that are important in the course of a project, whether agile or traditionally organised.
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Aufgaben, Fähigkeiten, Alltag: Was macht ein Chief Client Officer?
In German language only: In this article you can read about the everyday life of Katharina Ilgner, Chief Client Officer at Stoyo, what her duties are and how you can become Chief Client Officer as well.
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Aus der agilen Methodenkiste: Multitalent Mikroartikel
In German language only: Do you have to write a lot in your professional life or do you want to write more often in your private time, but you often miss the central theme? In this article you will be introduced to the topic of "microarticles". Here you will find a useful guide which helps you writing short articles.
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Führen wie Buddha: 10 Tugenden menschlicher Führung
In German language only: Marcus Raitner is of the opinion that only those who can lead themselves can lead others well. Therefore, the inner attitude of every leader is important. In his article, Raitner introduces you to the ten virtues of a ruler, which play a central role in Buddhism.
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Führungskräfte werden auch im agilen Kontext noch gebraucht
In German language only: Mostly agility is associated with self-management and thus with a leadership role that is becoming obsolete. In this article you will learn why the last part of the assumption is not correct and what you have to pay attention to when leading an agile team.
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Kanban Part 3 — WIP Limits, Blocked Items and Lanes of Service
In the third part of his series of articles on Kanban, Anthony Mersino discusses the limitations of Work in Progress, among other things. He explains why limiting WIP contributes to faster delivery and a better workflow.
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Resilienz im Projektmanagement: Wie du mit Herausforderungen und Rückschlägen umgehst
In German language only: This article by Andrea Windolph deals with "resilience". She explains why resilience is related to your everyday project life and your private life. Once you know what is meant by this term, you will learn how to strengthen your resilience.
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The future will be project managed
Projects are an integral part of many companies, so it is not surprising that this article deals with the relevance of project management in the future. You will also learn how projects must be set up in the future in order to meet challenges such as the Corona crisis.
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Use a Pre-Mortem to Identify Project Risks Before They Occur
At the end of each project, there is often a post-mortem discussion to find out about the positive and negative aspects of the project. This is useful because lessons can be learned for future projects. However, these lessons are of no further use to the completed project, only for following ones. So this paper proposes that a pre-mortem meeting should be held. You can find out how this is to be done in this article.
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Wie wird man ein guter Product Owner? – Ein Interview mit Roman Pichler
In German language only: In this podcast Marc Löffler and Roman Pichler talk about the topic "Product Owner". Questions will be answered that are of interest to future and current product owners.
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