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IAPM Essentials September 15, 2020

Can There Be Too Much Transparency?
Transparency plays an important role in the cooperation of agile teams. Mike Cohn wondered whether it is possible to be too transparent and concluded that there can indeed be too much transparency. Read this article to find out why.
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Definition of Done Canvas
Rickard Jones will give you a step-by-step explanation of how to make a Definition of Done Canvas. He explains the relevance of the canvas before going into the detail of each part of it.
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Der digitale Bürger – Fluch oder Segen?
In German language only: Digitisation can make life easier in many areas - including the governmental level. Maria Steinberg looks at the question of how realistic a "digital citizen" is. Furthermore, she explains how trust is related to digitisation.
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Die To Do-Liste in einer Minute, die wirklich funktioniert
In German language only: Andrea Windolph is not a fan of classic to-do lists – that's why she presents a to-do list of a slightly different nature in her article: The One Minute To-Do List. This list is structured similar to a Kanban board.
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Estimating Agile Projects...Or Not
Every project manager has his own view on #NoEstimates – and so does Mike Griffiths. In his article he will introduce you to his point of view on estimating or non-estimating in a project.
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Kick-off-Meeting: Tipps zur Durchführung
In German language only: At the beginning of each project is the kick-off meeting. Benjamin Brückner describes how this is best carried out – whether online or offline – and what the aims of such a meeting are as well as how it is best prepared.
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Loslassen ist das neue Planen
In German language only: As project manager, Astrid Kuhlmey prefers to have a plan that can be followed. Due to the current situation, this is not always possible, so she tries to let things go instead of planning them.
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New Work oder Zombie-Apokalypse
In German language only: In his article, Gebhard Borck criticises New Work or new approaches to the world of work. Read what this has to do with Spotify and Donuts and, above all, how to master these challenges that go along with New Work.
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Vom Umgang mit dem Kalender (Back to the Roots)
In German language only: Using a calendar – whether in hard copy or in digital form – is mandatory for every project manager. Ivan Blatter gives you nine tips that will help you to improve your calendar usage and to make your planning more efficient.
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Waterfall vs. Agile – Why do projects fail? Is it a knowledge problem or a requirements problem
Matthew Hodgson wondered why projects fail. In his article he gives you possible reasons and presents the findings of experts.
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Why Do Machine Learning Projects Fail?
Rahul Agarwal has examined why machine learning projects fail. In his article, he explains the five areas that you should be aware of in order to avoid the most common mistakes.
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