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IAPM Essentials August 4, 2020

"No Estimates" is not the (only) Answer or: Moving towards Predictability 
Read in this article Inger Dickson's opinion on the NoEstimates movement. She describes when it makes sense not to estimate and when you should refrain from doing so, as it can be a hindrance.
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30 Kriterien für gute Kommunikation (Checkliste) 
In German language only: Communication is an integral part of our lives - whether at work or in our private lives. Good communication can therefore make a difference. But what characterises good communication? Ralf Senftleben provides you with a checklist that gives you 30 criteria for good communication.
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Adopting DevOps: The What, The Why, and The How
DevOps will become more popular in the future. Debbie Zelten gives you an insight into the topic of DevOps and explains why companies should use DevOps and how they properly approach the topic.
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Der Bull$h1t vom Agilen Mindset
In German language only: In this thirty-minute podcast, Jasmine and Kai Simons talk about the Agile Mindset. Right at the beginning, the two realise that there is no definition of Agile Mindset and that this term is very ambiguous.
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Gantt Diagramm: Alter Hut oder zeitloser Helfer?
In German language only: Gantt charts are known as process schedules, especially in traditional project management. Nevertheless, they are also frequently used in agile project management. But how does that fit together? Prof. Dr. Jörg Friedrich explains in this article how a tool like the Gantt chart and iterative planning which is used in agile project management fit together.
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Is Combining DevOps and Agile a Beneficial Thing?
Can agility and DevOps harmonise with one another? Read in this article what both approaches are about and to what extent they can be combined.
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Kann Scrum in der Hardware Entwicklung eingesetzt werden?
In German language only: Scrum is usually associated with software development. In his half-hour podcast Marc Löffler answers the question of whether Scrum can also be used in hardware development.
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Managing an Agile Project with Scrum
Samantha Warren explains to you the unique agile method Scrum in its basics. She describes the Scrum framework and explains the roles and responsibilities.
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Measuring agility with Agile IQ
Many managers prefer agile structures in order to be able to deliver results faster. In this context, Matthew Hodgson discusses "fake" agility and true agility and presents six patterns of behavior. If all patterns are fulfilled, the company is heading for true agility.
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Mit Lernstorys im Backlog zum Erfolg
In German language only: Eva Dirr-Bubik, Dr. Vera Gehlen-Baum and Dr. Manuel Illi share in this article how they prepared Scrum teams for the reality in Scrum with the help of learning stories.
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Stakeholder-Management, aber wie?
In German language only: For stakeholder management, there is no patent solution that works for any project - Mario Gregor also noticed this. He tells you about a project where stakeholder management didn't work and explains how he was able to make improvements.
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The Best Metric for Your Product Team
Todd Lankford mentions three common pitfalls that occur frequently in connection with metrics. One problem with metrics is that it focuses only on data and excludes the team.
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Why does Agile fail?
In this article, Al Shalloway briefly summarises why, in his opinion, organisations fail to implement agility.
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Wie wird New Work praktiziert und mit welchem Erfolg?
In German language only: New Work, i.e. the change in the professional world, gained an upswing through Corona at the latest. But how is New Work implemented in Germany and how successful is it? Read more about New Work in this article and get an overview of possible measures.
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