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IAPM Essentials December 20, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

14 Product Backlog Principles to Help Your Scrum Team Succeed - German language
In order to work successfully as a Scrum Team, a well organised Product Backlog is a must. First, however, it is necessary to find out which tasks are worth including in the product backlog. The simple existence of a backlog does not promise a successful project. However, certain principles should be followed in order to build an organised Product Backlog, which creates a good working basis for a successful Scrum Team. Each backlog is defined by a goal. In the case of the Product Backlog, this is the Product Goal. Since the path to the goal is continuously changing, the entries in the backlog also vary constantly. The product Owner therefore manages the content and the order of implementation. Even though the specifications of the Product Owner have a high priority, it is always allowed to question individual points and open them up for discussion. You should also try not to have too many Sprints simultaneously ready in a backlog. If work from the previous Sprint is left over, this can lead to the demotivation of some team members. Likewise, tasks that have been in the backlog for ages should be removed because they are no longer being worked on. An overview of all principles can be found in the following article.
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How to use hybrid working successfully - German language
A recent report by Poly and Worktech Academy investigated the prevalence of hybrid working models, with the result that hybrid working seems to be gaining ground. Different areas of the company were examined: Findings included that a company needs to know its employees and their ways of working in order to set new rules for collaboration in a hybrid environment. A healthy balance has to be found between guidelines and rules on the one hand and employees' decision-making autonomy on the other. In a hybrid environment, employees should be able to feel comfortable both inside and outside the office. Especially in times of working from home, it is necessary to invest in the right technologies to maintain motivation as well as the workflow. In addition, workplaces should be designed to be diverse and inclusive so that people feel comfortable no matter where they are. Overall, this study aims to provide new food for thought on how companies can implement hybrid working models. Many organisations are already adapting to this new concept, but far from all. However, once the challenges of introducing hybrid working models have been identified, a successful strategy for its implementation can be developed.
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Slow is smooth, smooth is fast - German language
Many of us know the problem: the calendar is full, one meeting or task follows the next, every free minute is allocated. Especially in a hybrid working world, consisting of "classic" work in the office and the virtual working environment - for example in the home office - it is tempting to fit as many, often small, tasks into the day as possible. However, this is not always the best way to process tasks or work packages efficiently, because in the hectic pace, mistakes can quickly creep in or it can result in miscommunication. That is why it is important to find the right velocity. The right velocity for one's own performance, but also an appropriate working rate for the entire team. Agile teams in particular should therefore take the time to evaluate their steps retrospectively and adjust the development speed so that the team can maintain a steady pace over a long period of time, even if this means reducing the speed. However, slowing down does not mean becoming inactive. But it does allow the team to think better about its own processes and to allocate work thoughtfully, especially where it is needed - and where it can be used most efficiently. Especially in deadlocked situations, it gets you out of the daily treadmill and gives you time to evaluate whether the current approach is really the right way to go.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Watch Out, Waterfall Ahead! The Truth About SAFe.
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What are OKRs? The complete 2022 guide to OKRs
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Tetris oder Puzzle: Wenn Business Process Management auf Lean trifft
(en.: Tetris or Puzzle: When Business Process Management meets Lean)
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Beyond Scrum — What Happens after you have Mastered Scrum?
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Burnout vermeiden: schnelle Hilfe bei mentaler Erschöpfung
(en.: Avoid burnout: quick help with mental exhaustion)
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This is NOT Lean: Lean Staffing
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First time right is teamwork at it’s best
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Mit OKRs zum Erfolg? Was Gründer:innen wissen müssen
(en.: Success with OKRs? What founders need to know)
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How To Be A Leader To Teams That Resist Your Leadership
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3 Problems Scrum Doesn’t Solve
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Die Hoshin Kanri Methode
(en.: The Hoshin Kanri method)
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