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What was eventful last week? What has happened in project management? Here you can find articles worth reading and links to videos or podcasts that we warmly recommend.

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IAPM Essentials November 15, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Constructive criticism helps to achieve desired improvements: Advantages, rules and example sentences - German language
Criticism is often expressed in a negative way. Whether in professional or private life. But you can avoid such situations by expressing the criticism constructively. In constructive criticism, you express your own views and say both positive and negative things, always remaining respectful and relevant. The opposite of constructive criticism is destructive criticism. It involves blaming, reproachful actions or statements. Constructive criticism is much better. It is solution-oriented, one wants to achieve improvements and demonstrates appreciation for the other person. In contrast, destructive criticism seeks to blame the other person and harms the relationship. This shows that constructive criticism has a positive effect on the interpersonal relationship. If you want more information about the characteristics, rules and examples, follow the link.
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A Chief Product Owner makes everything worse - German language
After a certain time, several Scrum Teams are formed to work on a product. All Scrum elements are scaled, whereby a product owner hierarchy develops, where one Product Owner is responsible for one individual Product Backlog. At the top of the hierarchy is the Chief Product Owner. However, this can have strong disadvantages. For the most part, the responsibility of the Product Owner is not scalable, and it can happen very quickly that this hierarchy ends in micromanagement. However, the Nexus Framework, which has only one Product Owner, can help. This person fulfils all roles in every Scrum Team. As a consequence, the competences and responsibilities are clearly defined. Furthermore, the Scrum Team can organise and manage themself. You can find more information on why the Product Owner Hierarchy is implemented at all in the blog article.
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When should Scrum definitely not be used? - German language
There are few reasons against Scrum. However, there are certain problem areas that should be solved before using Scrum. One of them is the following scenario: A team member is an expert on a certain topic and normally works alone. However, in the Sprint Planning Meeting he has to be present, but since he cannot contribute to most things, he just gets bored. How can this be addressed so that he is motivated to attend the meeting and can contribute? Another problem arises when team members work in too many Scrum Teams in parallel and have to participate in too many Scrum Events. Productive work is hardly possible. Therefore, parallel projects should be reduced and prioritised as much as possible in order to be able to use Scrum optimally. Which problem should also be solved in order to be able to use Scrum effectively in your company? We recommend reading the original article!
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

How PayPal Gets Employees Invested in Innovation
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5 Mythen über die Skalierung von Scrum
(en.: 5 myths about scaling Scrum)
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The Demotion of Scrum Into Waterfall
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(en.: Self-care)
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What to do when your team is not living the Scrum values
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The Diamond of Participation
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The Scrum Master’s Role to Ensure Effective Sprint Retrospectives
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How To Learn From FAANG
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Selbstwirksamkeit: für agiles Arbeiten elementar
(en.: Self-efficacy: elementary for agile working)
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What to Do When You’re Feeling Drained
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Was macht ein Agile Coach? - Definitionen
(en.: What does an agile coach do? - Definitions)
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