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IAPM Essentials October 25, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Minimum Viable Transformation
Bringing about change can be very demotivating, especially in large companies. There are many people who need to be convinced and many systems that need to be adapted. However, if it were possible not to change all people's minds to bring about change, but only a small part, then this challenge would be more manageable. In reality, it only takes 25 % of a group to bring about change. All it takes is one person who is willing to commit to the change and who gets more people to commit to the change. Maybe it doesn't even take 25 % of a group to get involved, but only 3,5 %. How do these numbers come about and what else do you need to consider to bring about change? Find out in the original article!
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What Is Flow?
Flow is a term from lean management and describes in a simplified way that components move. But not that they move for the sake of moving, but that they move along the value chain. Because components that do not move along the value chain, for example because they remain in the warehouse awaiting their use or further processing, do not create value. But it is not that simple in reality, because it is almost impossible not to have dormant components. There are always components somewhere "waiting" for something and only a small percentage of the total is moving. It also does not always make sense to keep components constantly in motion just so that a KPI reaches a good value. Rather, it should be measured what value the component gains from the movement. How do you start to get good flow or value from movement? Find out in the original article!
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No time for moderation training? These 5 tips will help you to involve all participants in your online workshops - German language
In the professional world, it happens from time to time that people are promoted or entrusted with the role of facilitator even though they have not been trained for it. But even if you have theoretical experience with this role, practice presents you with a whole new set of challenges. The original article presents 5 tips on how to engage all participants in an online workshop as a facilitator. One tip is to create a comfortable environment and psychological safety for all participants by asking them what they wish had been different or what could have been done better in their last session. Based on this, you can set guidelines for how the current session should proceed. Another way to involve all participants and let them have their say is the X-Fact method. In this method, one participant mentions a number in a range you specify, and all the other participants each mention a fact on a topic you specify until all X things have been said. What other tips can be given? We recommend reading the original article!
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

The Complete Guide To User Story Mapping
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Agilität funktioniert nicht ohne Resilienz!
(en.: Agility does not work without resilience!)
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Jan Fischbach: "Viele Leute haben das Gefühl, sie sitzen allein im Unternehmen“ - ein Interview über Lean und Scrum
(en.: Jan Fischbach: "Many people feel like they are alone in the company" - an interview about Lean and Scrum)
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Was ist der On Product Index?
(en.: What is the On Product Index?)
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Wie man ein Daily Scrum / Daily Stand-Up durchführt
(en.: How to perform a Daily Scrum / Daily Stand-Up)
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Can Agile and deadlines coexist in perfect harmony?
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Verzichtet dein Scrum Team auf Sprint-Ziele? 3 konkrete Tipps, wie du dies ändern kannst
(en.: Does your Scrum team avoid sprint goals? 3 concrete tips on how to change this)
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3 Ways to Use Stories on Your Projects
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(en.: No!)
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Scrum Only is no Guarantee for Success — You Need to Add Your Own Uniqueness to the Framework
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