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IAPM Essentials October 18, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Decide better together with systemic consensus - German language
When making decisions in practice, there are often only two options - either you are against it or you are for it. This can lead to many people involved being unhappy with the decision made and later resisting it when it is implemented. The problem with why there are often so few decision options is that with many options, only a small number of people would be needed to reach a majority. One solution that addresses this problem is systemic consensus building. The result of this method is a solution with high acceptance and satisfaction. In the implementation, each proposal is rated with the personal resistance (0: no resistance, 10: maximum resistance). Then the total resistance of a proposal is added up and this is repeated with all proposals. In the simplest case, the proposal with the least resistance is selected. What else can be learned from this method and what practical examples are there? You can read about this in the original article!
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Prisoners of Retrospectives
The Sprint Retrospective is a very important part of the Sprint, especially to learn from one's mistakes and to become better in the future. The Sprint Retrospective increases the efficiency of a team and also concludes a Sprint. However, there are many members of a Scrum team who do not want to participate in it - and sometimes for good reasons. One of them is when the Retrospective is not used for what it was intended for, but for finger-pointing. Instead of facing the problem as a team and moving forward together, the blame is put on a few or individuals. Another problem can arise when the supervisor is part of the Scrum Team. Although all team members are theoretically equal, in professional practice this can be quite different. This can lead to team members further down the hierarchy not voicing their concerns. You can find more problems and how to solve them in the original article!
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What are the facilitation techniques for Scrum Masters? - German language
One of the tasks of a Scrum Master is to moderate. This article will introduce you to some moderation techniques for Scrum Masters. It should be said at the outset that people communicate in different ways and some of these ways are not appreciated. These include, for example, a participant repeating themselves, a participant not speaking fluently or becoming very emotional. It is important to remember that a participant's idea is not worth less just because they are poor at expressing themselves. So what facilitation techniques can you use as a Scrum Master? For one, you can paraphrase. Summarise what has been said in your own words. Besides the advantage that misunderstandings can be clarified directly, you show that you have been actively listening. Another way of moderating is to encourage the participants if you feel that not everything has been said, especially by the more introverted colleagues. What questions can you ask then? You can find this and other moderation techniques in the original article!
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

5 steps to making habits that create your future
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Why is Lean So Hard? – Organizational Elements
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Was Agilität und Gesundheit miteinander zu tun haben
(en.: What agility and health have to do with each other)
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The Four Types of Measures and Why Each is Important
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Humor im Projekt
(en.: Humour in a project)
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For Better Agile Planning, Be Collaborative
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9 Fehlinterpretationen des Scrum Guides, die entstehen, wenn du Passagen überliest
(en.: 9 misinterpretations of the Scrum Guide that arise when you skip passages)
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8 Tipps, wie du als Scrum Master das teamübergreifende Refinement facilitieren kannst
(en.: 8 tips on how to facilitate cross-team refinement as a Scrum Master)
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Self-Organization – The Role of Managers
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In-Depth: How To Create Better Work Agreements For Your Team
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Folge 113: Gestaltung agiler Verträge (mit Dr. Falk W. Müller)
(en.: Episode 113: Design of agile contracts (with Dr. Falk W. Müller))
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