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IAPM Essentials September 27, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Why You Should Be Obsessed With Dogfooding
Eating your own dog food is strange at first and probably also at second glance. But it describes something that has been practised in many companies for several decades. "Dogfooding" or "eating your own dog food" means that you also use your own product in your own company. Large companies like Apple, Amazon or Microsoft use their own products and thus show that they have confidence in their own products. This has other advantages besides the marketing aspect. First of all, you create a form of quality assurance, as errors in the product can be detected and corrected more quickly. In addition, this direct application makes it easier to find opportunities for improvement, as there is a high level of practical relevance. Of course, there are other advantages of dogfooding. Discover what these are and how you can implement them in your company by reading the original article.
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The level of frustration within a team or the entire company is often high when agile methods or frameworks are implemented. People try their best to implement agility in the company, but still fail. One reason for this may be that the company has a traditional foundation - it is simply not built for agility. But this is a solvable problem, albeit not an easy one. The solution starts with the teams. Agile teams are the prerequisite for the agile transformation of the company to succeed. Once this hurdle is cleared, work is done vertically, i.e. agile working is established through the individual departments up to the executive board. Even though this is not an easy undertaking, it can be worthwhile for the company. We recommend reading the original article.
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How to Tackle a Mountain of Tasks
Taking a break from work to go on holiday can be stressful. Not because holidays are not enjoyable, but because you know that when you return, you will have a pile of work waiting for you that has accumulated over time. In the article, you will learn how to work through the tasks that have not been accomplished without starting to feel overwhelmed. Tackle the tasks calmly. If the tasks were not done by your colleagues during your leave, you can also wait an extra day for them to be done. So use the first day to sift through everything and get small tasks done instead of trying to tackle everything right away. Small and simple tasks are good for in-between to get a sense of achievement and motivation. Prioritise and then complete one task at a time. How else can you approach the challenge and, above all, how can you concentrate on the tasks? Find out in the original article!
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

5 Arten von Hindernissen, die Scrum Master beseitigen
(en.: 5 types of obstacles that scrum masters remove)
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How to Right-Size Your Stories for Better Predictability
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Folge 112: Nachhaltige Teamentwicklung (mit Holger Koschek und Markus Trbojevic)
(en.: Episode 112: Sustainable team development (with Holger Koschek and Markus Trbojevic))
Click here to read the original article.

Einstieg in Working out Loud in Hochschulen
(en.: Entry into working out loud in universities)
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Die Arbeit mit agilen Werten
(en.: Working with agile values)
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How To Improve Your Focus and Your Flow
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Retrospektiven mit Ergebnissen
(en.: Retrospectives with results)
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Why self-care isn’t a 4-letter word
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Alle dürfen frei entscheiden …
(en.: Everyone is free to decide ...)
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Understanding the Many Facets of ‘the A3’
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Ein psychologischer Blick auf die virtuelle Arbeitswelt
(en.: A psychological look at the virtual world of work)
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