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IAPM Essentials September 20, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Cassandra Teams
Some readers know the tragic story of Cassandra. According to Greek mythology, she had the gift of prophecy. But she was cursed so that no one believed her. Speaking exaggeratedly, many development teams feel the same way. They are experts whose opinions are sometimes ignored because the management considers the task that is important from the developers' point of view to be too unimportant or sees other tasks as more crucial. An example: The Technical Debt is getting more and more. The development team insists on reducing it, otherwise the entire system will no longer be able to run. However, management decides against it and insists on the release of new features. The inevitable happens and the programme no longer runs as it should. There can be many reasons for this. The developers either didn't make their voices heard enough, management deliberately decided against the developers' suggestion, or there was a completely different reason. In any case, it is important to find out why there are Cassandra teams in the company and fix the cause.
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What Are Vanity Metrics and How to Stop Using Them
Most people probably don't want to admit it, but in reality, many have fallen for vanity metrics. Vanity metrics make us feel good, they say that we have achieved something really good. Unfortunately, this does not further the project or the company, because these metrics have three characteristics that KPIs should not have. The first is that there is a lack of information. For example, it is not only important that the goal was achieved, but also how it was achieved. Reaching a milestone is very good, unless it doesn't mention that half the team exhausted themselves in the process. The second characteristic is that it is not clear what is to be measured. The metric is known, but not how it will be captured. We recommend reading the original article if you want to learn about the third characteristic and how vanity metrics become real metrics.
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Actionable Agile Metrics For Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, or ANYTHING! How to get started!
Let's stick to metrics. As indicated in the previous article, good metrics can drive the project and the organisation forward. But choosing the important metrics is a challenge in itself. In agile projects, for example, it can be tracked how long it takes to release a product or feature. That is, the time from idea generation or commitment to release or to value generation. Knowing this, and more importantly, knowing why this value was created, helps to improve the process. Another value that can be captured is the reliability of estimates. Knowing this can improve quality and reduce the risk of delivering late. How can you capture this data? We recommend reading the original article!
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Experiment: Make A Business Case For Continuous Delivery With Your Scrum Team
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How To Refine Your Improvements Into Actionable Quick Tips?
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Wie man Texte korrigiert? - Tools und Vorgehen
(en.: How to correct texts? - Tools and procedure)
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When a Project Manager becomes a Scrum Master… but not quite.
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Warum & Wie das Warum noch wichtig ist
(en.: Why & How Why is still important)
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Im Projekt und anderswo: Was des einen Lust, ist des anderen Frust!
(en.: In the project and elsewhere: What one desires is frustration of the other!)
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Von der Feature-Roadmap zur Outcome-Roadmap
(en.: From feature roadmap to outcome roadmap)
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Roadmapping: Was und wofür? Ein kompakter Überblick
(en.: Roadmapping: What and for what? A compact overview)
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Some thoughts on “5 Whys”
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Auch New Work braucht Eignungsdiagnostik
(en.: New Work also needs fitness diagnostics)
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