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IAPM Essentials September 13, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Hybrid working: A matter of time, not location
Imagine you combine two things and call it "hybrid". Then you ask ten people what they expect your new creation to be. And the result? You will probably get eleven definitions. Let's for example take the topic of "hybrid project management". For one person it is a combination of traditional and agile methods, for another a combination of various purely agile approaches and for yet another something completely different. It is the same with hybrid forms of work, which have been on everyone's lips since the outbreak of the pandemic at the latest. For many, this means a flexible switch between working from home and working from the office. However, Dr Marcus Raitner believes that this is not the core of the approach, and that time flexibility should be the main concern. We recommend reading the original article to get his thoughts on this topic, which everyone should definitely include in the discussion about hybrid working.
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Mistakes happen to everyone, because sometimes mistakes are simply unavoidable. But there are also avoidable mistakes. This article presents four mistakes that you as a leader can and accordingly should avoid. Mistake number one is setting wrong priorities and treating tasks as if they were urgent and important when they are not. Stress leads to careless mistakes. Mistake number two is being too tough with yourself. Making mistakes gnaws at your confidence, but instead of castigating yourself with this mistake, learn from it and do better next time. The third mistake is not handing off tasks. As a competent leader, you have a competent team. Trust in their abilities and delegate tasks when and where possible. The last mistake is to say something you don't really mean. In stressful situations, people often say things without really reflecting on them, so just stop for a moment and take your time to think about it. We recommend reading the original article!
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The challenges of IT Project Management, with Dave Gordon
The content of this article we are presenting here might sound familiar to some, because it is based on an interview with Dave Gordon from 2012. With many years of professional experience and extensive experience in IT project management, he obviously knows what many take for granted today: Things rarely go as planned in most software projects. However, this is not necessarily due to poor planning, but to the fact that the set of problems often changes in the course of a software project. Is it technically feasible as planned? Are additional functions needed? Was the problem assessed incorrectly? In addition, the underlying technologies change regularly, or completely new technologies have to be considered. Another and comparatively new factor is "software as a service", which means that the software solution is not operated in-house but by an external service provider. This is another factor that needs to be added to the challenges that already exist. Find out which problems these are exactly in the original article!
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Product Owner Fehler
(en.: Product Owner Mistakes)
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Ist jeder im Scrum Team beschäftigt, aber am Ende des Sprints ist nichts fertig? Meine bewährte Strategie für mehr Team-Performance
(en.: Everyone is busy in the Scrum team, but nothing is ready at the end of the sprint? My proven strategy for more team performance)
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Setting Expectations in Scrum
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5 konkrete Anzeichen dafür, dass dein Team die Scrum-Werte nicht lebt
(en.: 5 concrete signs that your team does not live the Scrum values)
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The Product Goal explained
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Writing User Stories
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Verbesserungspoteniale finden, Unnötiges weglassen
(en.: Finding potential for improvement, omit unnecessary things)
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The Introverted Scrum Master
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Komplexität steuern: Eine Frage von Haltung und Strategie
(en.: Controlling complexity: A question of attitude and strategy)
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5 simple intentions to lift your leadership in 5 days
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