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IAPM Essentials August 02, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

The 4 Ds of Habit Creation
Habits are a difficult thing. Once something has become a habit, it is difficult to break the habit. This is especially useful when it comes to good habits. Unfortunately, it can take quite a long time for something to become a habit - 66 days on average, which is not easy at all. But you can at least make it a little easier by considering four aspects: "Desire, Decision, Design, and Discipline". First, of course, there must be a desire for change. Why else would one want to change something? Once the desire is there, the decision can be made to put it into action. As soon as motivation and attitude are in line, a plan for implementation can be worked out. Now one "only" has to find the necessary discipline to put the plan into action. How can you achieve this task? Find out in the original article!
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The first step seems to be the most obvious: "Solve the right problem". It is important to look at the problem from several perspectives to find the right approach. Also remember that the problem may only be a symptom and not the cause. The next step is to muster the will to change something and not to get lost in blaming, because this will not solve the problem. This is followed by defining the goal. What do I want to achieve and what is best for everyone? Building on the previous step, the fourth step is to formulate several solutions to the problem so that everyone can benefit from the solution and not just take the first one that appears. The last step, of course, is to check that the solution is adhered to, because even a good solution is of no use if it is not adhered to. We recommend that you read the original article and the associated first part which is linked at the top!
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First the Problem, Then the Solution!
Are solutions to problems without a problem solutions at all? Where is the use in having a whole toolbox and the right tool for everything if you never have the matching problem? The same applies to the method or "framework toolbox". Scrum, XP or Kanban are good solutions, but only if you have the appropriate problem, otherwise they might just be ballast. It would be helpful to try out solutions first by starting small - even if some frameworks, strictly speaking, do not provide for this. This effectively requires putting the cart before the horse at breakneck speed. So it can make sense to react to problems and adapt the work accordingly, rather than trying to solve problems that don't exist. We recommend the original article if you want to learn how to start small and end up with a solution that works for you!
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Does Size Really Matter?
Click here to read the original article.

Das Werte- und Entwicklungsquadrat: Ein Modell zur persönlichen Weiterentwicklung
(en.: The value and development square: A model for personal development)
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Scrum Explained: Technical debt vs Undone work
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Folge 111: Was wir vom Improvisationstheater lernen können (mit Tobias Maasland)
(en.: Episode 111: What we can learn from improvisational theatre (with Tobias Maasland))
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Agile ≠ Lean
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So schaffen Sie es zu den Honigtöpfen der Zukunft
(en.: How to make it to the honey pots of the future)
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Expected Monetary Value (EMV): A Project Manager’s Guide
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Gutes Scrum macht Entwickler nicht schlecht
(en.: Good Scrum doesn't make developers bad)
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Should I Use Scrum or Kanban? Story Points or T-shirt Sizes? Iterations or Sprints?
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Braucht es ein Lean-Manifest?
(en.: Do you need a lean manifesto?)
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Scrum: Dealing With Fixed Date, Fixed Budget Work
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