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IAPM Essentials July 19, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Tipping points and the "business as usual": without an (agile) state reform things won't work out - German language
Germany is known for its sometimes-cumbersome administration. You have to fill in a form in order to fill in a form, wait months for an appointment or something like that. The German administration is often perceived as Kafkaesque - one feels insecure and at the mercy of the seemingly opaque and pointless regulations. But this doesn't have to be the case, because this feeling is often only a consequence of the patronising official language, the long decision-making processes and the stiffening towards quantitative goals. German authorities need agile elements. People should no longer be worked off from "above", but should be accompanied and supported in the process - cooperation instead of non-cooperation. It would also be helpful to take the decision-making monopoly away from managers so that some decisions can be made directly and do not have to be passed on to the top level. What is another way to make an administration more agile and what are the next steps? We recommend the original article!
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Higher, faster, disruption!
Disruption and evolution are not the same thing. One speaks of a disruptive technology when an innovation largely or even completely displaces the existing and dominant technology from the market. Digital cameras, smartphones or 3D printers all have in common that they have largely displaced the previously used product. Evolution, on the other hand, is the continuous change of product characteristics over the entire life cycle. A disruptive technology is therefore subject to evolutionary changes after some time. But why is this important to know? It is not crucial to be the first company to be disruptive or to be constantly on the hunt for the "new big thing". But it is important not to rest on your success and be constantly on the lookout for disruptive technologies. Missing the moment of entry can cause lasting damage to the business. We recommend the original article for an in-depth version and to learn why innovation doesn't have to directly impact the market.
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Top 15 Scrum Master Interview Questions and Answers in 2022
This article presents 15 questions that you should be able to answer when applying for a job as a Scrum Master. We summarise some of them for you. It should be said in advance that many answers are individual and there is no right or wrong. One question could be how to act if a team member refuses to participate in the Sprint Planning Meeting. One of the right answers? You find out the reason and work out a solution based on that. How many open tasks in a Product Backlog are acceptable? The answer to this again varies from team to team and from task to task. Does the team work swiftly and can the tasks be completed quickly? Then a longer list is fine. Is the team fast, but the tasks are time-consuming? Then the team should not overexert itself, because unfinished tasks cause demotivation. What is your task in the Daily Scrum? This answer is clear and quickly found: You moderate it and ensure participation. Would you like to read more questions and their answers? We recommend the original article!
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Als Projektteam die Komfortzone verlassen
(en.: Leaving the comfort zone as a project team)
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Project management is about people management
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Agile Praxis – Flugebenen in KMU und Mittelstand: Fliegen wir dort niedriger?
(en.: Agile practice - flight levels in SMEs: Do we fly lower there?)
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Is your agile team working to their full potential?
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TGA-Planung mit Scrum und Jira
(en.: TGA planning with Scrum and Jira)
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Being Agile vs. doing Agile: What's the difference?
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Agile Adoption – Left to Right is the Way to Go
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Stable Teams and Dynamic Structures
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