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IAPM Essentials June 07, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Installing, abdicating, and unleashing
The structure of many classic companies is often hierarchical, with a few managers and many more workers - work is assigned "from the top down". This way of working has grown historically and, in theory, is supposed to offer the advantage that there is always someone on site who is in charge. However, in the age of the internet, new professions and work styles have emerged that represent a contrast to the classic hierarchical corporate culture. A core element of this new way of working is self-management, where decision-making power is in the hands of the entire team. One advantage of New Work is a better work-life balance through self-managed work, which also has an impact on overall productivity. But often it is not always easy for an organisation with a hierarchical company structure to establish new ways of working. Installing, abdicating and unleashing are three possible approaches to implement new ways of working, which are described in more detail by Lisa Gill is her blog post. So, if you are thinking about how to successfully implement New Work in your company, we highly recommend this article!
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Scrum, Rugby, Values
At first glance, the agile framework Scrum and the team sport rugby have very little in common, and yet attentive readers of our blog or trained project managers will know the parallels. You don't know what is meant? No problem, then you have definitely come to the right place! Team sports and project work are not as different as they first appear. Both teamwork and good communication - verbal and non-verbal - are crucial for a successful game. Only those who have the goal clearly in mind and react appropriately to the situation will be rewarded with victory. But now let's get to the obvious, because the term "scrum" originates from rugby and describes a situation in which a game is restarted after minor breaches of the rules. Symbolically speaking, the team puts their heads together and it organises itself for the next turn - and this principle is taken up in the agile framework Scrum. If you are currently in the process or are thinking about learning more about Scrum, this article is the perfect introduction!
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Project Management: What is a Statement of Work? - German language
At the beginning of every project there is always an idea that describes a certain target state. This goal is to be achieved through the considered use of both time and monetary resources. As soon as the project is just set-up, the path to the goal may not yet have been fully explored - after all, the planning is still in its early stages - but the idea of the target state should at least be known to every member of the project team. In agile project management, this is achieved through the product goal, whereas in traditional project management the required performance is written down in the performance specification. In the next step, the requirements specification is derived from this, which describes the implementation process. Both documents are parts of the project planning. The Statement of Work, on the other hand, is a detailed performance description used in procurement that conveys the service to be provided by the contractor during the tendering process. The differences between the specifications and the statement of work as well as other useful information about the specifications for tenders can be found in the following article.
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Best project management software and tools 2022
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A Quickstart To Improve Team Morale
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Tools for happy communication and collaboration to ensure smooth-running projects
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8 Project Management Tips Every Tech Company Should Follow
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How to create a project template in the ONLYOFFICE Project Management tool
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Project management software: Best for Your Team in 2022
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Can Do vs. Should Do
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Cha-Cha-Cha-Change: Vom stetigen Wandel – als Projekt getarnt
(en.: Cha-Cha-Cha-Change: From constant change - disguised as a project)
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Best Agile Project Management Software: Top 10 Tools in 2022
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Agile Methoden in der öffentlichen Verwaltung?
(en.: Agile methods in public administration?)
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