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IAPM Essentials May 03, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

An overview of the Nexus Framework – German language
The Nexus framework extends Scrum with useful elements without losing sight of Scrum's advantage. These extensions provide scalability, transparency and the identification and elimination of dependencies between multiple teams. Here are some approaches: To eliminate dependencies upfront, the Product Backlog is decomposed across teams and it is predicted which team will take on which tasks. This refinement is an ongoing process, the frequency of which varies depending on the project. All teams work towards the "Nexus Sprint Goal" during a Sprint - and this is realised through the tasks in the Product Backlog. During the "Nexus Daily Scrum", Developers and the "Nexus Integration Team" meet to uncover problems with the integration or new dependencies. This serves as input for the subsequent Daily Scrum. Would you like to learn more about the Nexus framework and which elements are included in the Scrum framework? We recommend the original article!
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7 Different Product Roadmap Formats
Roadmaps can come in many different forms. This article introduces you to seven, some of which we summarise for you. First, there is the "Timeline Roadmap". Tasks are given a start and end date and are worked through. Although this plan is very clear, an estimated date is rarely accurate and gives a deceptive sense of security. The situation is similar with the "Release Roadmap". However, instead of a date, versions are assigned to the task. A "Now-Next-Later Roadmap" provides good clarity and one does not get tangled up in estimated dates. The formats mentioned so far can be combined well with the "Theme Roadmap". The tasks are divided into different areas, which is particularly advantageous for complex projects. Are you interested in a more detailed description and further possibilities of how to design your roadmap? Then read the original article!
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How do we want to learn in the future? – German language
Learning is an integral part of our lives. Even when we no longer go to school, have completed vocational training or academic education, we do not stop learning, even if the learning happens unconsciously. Since the invention of printing, knowledge has been accumulated sustainably until we are now able to access almost every conceivable piece of knowledge that mankind has preserved with just one click on the internet. The only thing that prevents us from acquiring this knowledge is the limited time in our lives. Many people are lucky enough to be able to choose what they want to learn and from whom. Even the form of learning - "postfigurative learning, focused learning, radial learning, configurative learning or prefigurative learning" - can often be freely chosen. Are you interested in the meaning of the individual learning forms? Do you want to get a conclusion line to the headline question? We highly recommend you to read the original article!
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Top Business Process Management Tools for 2022
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Raus aus der Ohnmacht!
(en.: Get out of powerlessness!)
Click here to read the original article.

Diary of a Product Owner
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Lampenfieber bekämpfen: 5 Tipps
(en.: Combatting stage fright: 5 tips)
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See and Resolve Team Dependencies, Part 2: One Person Outside the Team
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Making your Scrum Events Lean – Identifying the Wastes
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Guiding principle: the basic unit of product development is the team, not the individual
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Der Blick von außen: Supervision für agile Führungskräfte im Videovortrag
(en.: The view from the outside: Supervision for agile leaders in video lecture)
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Working with Scrum: The Birth of the Backlog
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Mit der passenden Umgebung die eigene Produktivität erhöhen
(en.: Increase your own productivity with the right environment)
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