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IAPM Essentials April 12, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

How to Use Agile Metrics for Team Improvement
Metrics, simply put, are qualitative or quantitative values that you choose and that you want your product to achieve. Agile metrics are nothing more than that, except that they relate to agile activities. Defining them in advance is important so that measurements can be taken and therefore improvements made. Useful metrics to start with are, for example, time from order to delivery, customer satisfaction or which functions of a software are used and to what extent. It is important not to link the achievement of metrics with rewards, otherwise the same problems can occur as with the "sandbagging" of OKRs, which we have covered in Essentials #95. Use metrics to set your goals based on principles. Even if these values are not achieved, they are a good way to initiate improvement processes.
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Why solutions are sometimes no solution at all - German language
When we think of a solution, we assume that it will solve our problem. After all, that is the definition, isn't it? Sometimes, unfortunately, it's not quite that simple. This is because our solution can create new problems that we didn't even think of or that we couldn't see because of the complexity of the problem. When something like this happens, it is important not to try to implement the solutions forcefully, a rethink may be necessary: Take a new perspective. If you try to implement the solution without consideration, it may happen that people end up wondering what the cost was. A certain neutrality is necessary here. The same applies to proposals for solutions from superiors or from oneself. It is important not to favour these proposals, but to treat them equally with other proposed solutions.
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Today we introduce you to two types of energy: physical and mental. Physical energy is what a person needs to move and perform basic physical activities. Mental energy is what we need for emotionally demanding tasks or activities on a intellectual level. We have limited energy to use until we need to rest. So use your available energy for tasks that are more important and significant. Don't try to work in resistance to something, work towards something. This way you use your energy much more efficiently. The right attitude will help you - turn your world into a world full of possibilities, not full of problems. Build good patterns of behaviour and you will always have more energy because your tasks will motivate you. Invest your energy and don't waste it - try to use your energy as if it were money.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

5 ways to become a gifted adviser
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How the Toyota Way and Toyota Kata Fit Together
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Teamübergreifende Dailies
(en.: Cross-team Dailies)
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Safe mit SAFe?
(en.: Safe with SAFe?)
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Inception Deck: besseres Erwartungsmanagement
(en.: Inception Deck: better expectation management)
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Quo vadis, agiles Coaching?
(en.: Quo vadis, agile coaching?)
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The 6 Stances Of A Scrum Master
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Don't Mess with Scrum
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Under-commitment leads to higher sprint velocity
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Der Scrum Master Methodenkoffer
(en.: The Scrum Master Method Kit)
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Crafting a good Sprint Goal
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