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IAPM Essentials March 01, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Failing more wisely... - German language
Failure is part of life, because as soon as you start doing something, mistakes can happen. But instead of trying to hide your mistakes, you should take the chance to learn from them. That's how we all learned to walk - by both falling down and getting up again. How we deal with mistakes certainly depends, among other things, on where we grow up. In the US, for example, failure is not condemned, but giving up is. Those who try to continue despite failures receive recognition. The Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, among others, has also internalised this. They are continuously working on improving all processes by learning from their mistakes and failures.
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"Sandbagging" in terms of OKRs means that estimates are deliberately kept very low. During execution, the estimated targets are then easily exceeded. Of course, one then gets praise and recognition for this. This behaviour is harmful to the company, as employees no longer try to do their best. The reason for this can often be found within the company. If the achievement of a goal is linked to certain bonuses and failure is sanctioned, the employee often has no choice but to undermine their performance and thus the success of the company. This is because they only do what they can actually implement. This can be counteracted by linking bonuses to company success and not to the achievement of OKRs. It is also important to rethink the sanctioning of failures. In addition, managers should try to create the best possible working environment for employees, independent of rewards, so that they can do their best.
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Tech debt gets worse before it gets better
Technical Debt reduction projects require a lot of perseverance, because before things get better, they get worse. This means that our Technical Debts increase before they decrease, which often leads to the abandonment of the project. You have to realise that this is exactly what has to happen. This is because you add programme code and cannot delete existing programme code for the time being, because the stability of the system must be guaranteed. The result is a large and confusing programme code. This can be illustrated by repairing a car while it is driving. It has to drive in order to reach its destination and must not fall apart under any circumstances. The bigger the damage, the more difficult it is to repair the car while it's moving. So it is important not to wait until it is almost too late to repair the car. Also, don't quit in the middle of the project; otherwise you'll have a much bigger problem than when you started.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

A long time ago, in an agility far far away ...
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Agile Transformation mit Liberating Structures leicht gemacht
(en.: Agile transformation made easy with Liberating Structures)
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Das ist das Ende! Vom guten oder glanzlosen Beenden von Projekten, Ziehwegen, Tourenabbrüchen und allem dazwischen. Teil 1
(en.: This is the end! From the good or lackluster completion of projects, pulling paths, tour cancellations and everything in between. Part 1)
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Denken dringend erwünscht!
(en.: Thinking urgently desired!)
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Empowered teams are essential for complex work
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Grüss Gott! – über Rituale in 2022
(en.: Greetings To God! – about rituals in 2022)
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How To Work Remotely Like A Pro: Advice From A Veteran
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The Scrum Anti-Values: don’t be a B.I.T.C.H.
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Three Steps to Done in Scrum
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Wissen teilen - wie schreibe ich?
(en.: Sharing knowledge - how do I write?)
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