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IAPM Essentials April 05, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

The Tuckman phase model - just a myth? - German language
Almost everyone has heard of Tuckman's phase model for group development. The model describes that a team goes through five phases - Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning. In other words, the phases from the formation of the team to its dissolution. However, this model of group development is highly idealised and in reality one encounters it, if at all, only with two narrowed eyes. Tuckman himself also sees the model as insufficiently proven. In most cases, the phases in real teams cannot be clearly distinguished from each other, if they can be identified at all. In principle, however, there is nothing wrong with using Tuckman's phase model for group development, as it makes working together in a team easy to understand, but one must be aware that this linear sequence is unlikely to occur.
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The Top Productivity Systems for Power Organizers
Everyone probably has their own way of organising or planning things. Project managers in particular are known for their organisational talent. But whether experienced or not, in order to stay organised, it is always good to think out of the box and expand one's own repertoire. However, this blog post is not about making simple to-do lists or meticulously listing activities – perhaps to get as much done as possible in one working day – but mainly about integrating an overarching routine into the daily workflow. These routines help to ensure a continuous rhythm of work and, in the long run, to get the best out of yourself! If you are not familiar with terms like “Eat That Frog”, “Seinfeld Calendar”, “GTD / ZTD” or “PARA”, you should definitely take a look at the article, you won't regret it!
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Top 7 Ways to Get Stakeholders to Attend Sprint Reviews
Anyone who has already worked with Scrum quickly realises that its advantages lie primarily in its underlying conditions and guidelines, which make project work efficient, adaptive and goal-oriented. Every meeting in Scrum is important for its agility and should therefore not be neglected. At the Sprint Planning Meeting, the tasks for the upcoming Sprint are determined, the Daily Scrum serves as a continuous exchange between the Developers on daily goals and problems, and the Sprint Retrospective takes a closer look at the team's performance. In the Sprint Review, on the other hand, everything revolves around the product and the goals achieved during the Sprint - this is less a pure presentation of the Increments generated, but rather a demonstration of the working product, which mainly lives through interaction with the stakeholders. But what if they do not participate in the Sprint Review? Learn more about the reasons for low stakeholder engagement in this article!
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Beharrlichkeit bei den Apps zahlt sich aus
(en.: Perseverance with apps pays off)
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The Joy of Letting Go
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12 questions guaranteed to energize people
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16 simple ways you can lead engaging meetings
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Warum Geschwindigkeit als Kriterium zur Automatisierung nicht ausreicht
(en.: Why speed is not enough as a criterion for automation)
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Top 8 Reasons Teams Abandon Their Visuals
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Not Done? Not Scrum!
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Six qualities of a great product vision published
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OKR Master – Geburtshelfer für die wirksame Arbeit mit OKR in deiner Organisation
(en.: OKR Master - Obstetrician for effective work with OKR in your organisation)
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Objectives and Key Results: 4 Tipps, die Product Ownern helfen, Kundennutzen zu beschreiben
(en.: Objectives and Key Results: 4 Tips to Help Product Owners Describe Customer Benefits)
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