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IAPM Essentials July 7, 2020

5 Menschen. 1 Stunde. 12 Wochen. Erfahrungen in einem digitalen WOL-Circle
In German language only: Working Out Loud, abbreviated WOL, is a concept that supports people in achieving their personal, self-defined goals. Strangers meet - also possible virtually - and help each other to get closer to their goal. Lucyna Zalas and Christine Gebler have tested WOL and share their experiences.
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Agile Missverständnisse: Was Selbstorganisation nicht ändern darf 
In German language only: To what extent may one adapt agile processes? Agile processes stand for flexibility, so that you can change everything until it meets your expectations, right? Johann-Peter Hartmann clarifies this misunderstanding. It is essential to have probe-sense-respond cycles because these are the three pillars of all complex systems.
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Becoming Lean/Agile - A mindset and where to start
Your company or team does not want to continue working in classical structures, but wants to become agile? Dr. James Mitchell Lee gives you three tips to help you successfully master the steps. It is important to remember that the basis of any structural change is the mindset of the team.
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Coach Takeshi’s Agile 101
In this 33-minute video, Takeshi Yoshida gives you an overview of agility and answers all questions that are important in this context. Maybe there are also questions that you have already thought of? Even those who don't want to watch a video will certainly enjoy it, because a transcript can also be read.
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Endspurt, Design Sprint, Sprint
In German language only: In this article, Felix Stein explains the terms "final sprint", "sprint" and "design sprint". You are probably familiar with the first two terms - but the latter might be new to you. Learn more about it in this article.
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Meetingkultur online – ein paar Erfahrungen
In German language only: At first glance, video conferences instead of face-to-face meetings seem to neglect the relationship level. Whether this is really the case and which advantages a meeting via MS Teams, Zoom or similar has, Wolf Steinbrecher explains in this article.
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Product Management versus Project Management
In the context of project management, the term product management is also frequently mentioned. What is the difference between product management and project management and what advantages can product management have that project management does not have? Matthew Hodgson answers these questions.
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Social Loafing in agilen Teams
In German language only: When talking about agile teams, the keyword "self-organisation" is often mentioned. This is essential for working in an agile framework, because a team can sometimes achieve more together than the sum of what the individual team members would have achieved. To prevent that exactly the opposite happens - the so-called social loafing - agile teams also need a certain degree of guidance.
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Stress Container
Stress is a familiar term for many project members. To avoid stress or to resolve the stress situation there is a method called Stress Container. Stephen Mounsey has modified the method, which is actually a task for an individual person, and adapted it for a team. Read in this article how you can use this method in your team.
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To task or not to task
Product Backlog Items (PBI) can be further broken down - namely into tasks. Tristan Libersat explains if and when this is useful in detail in his article. After you have read this article, you can decide whether you prefer to keep your PBIs as they are or whether you prefer tasks.
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What Is DevOps and How Does It Work?
Ana Maria Filip explains the DevOps approach in her article and describes how it works. DevOps is a composite word made up of two terms - Development and IT Operations. The author discusses both.
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What You Need to Know About Scrumban
Both Scrum and Kanban are agile approaches that enjoy great popularity. Combining both approaches results in Scrumban. In this article Jessica Everitt describes Scrum and Kanban in their fundamentals and explains how to combine the two processes and when which approach makes sense.
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Wider der Arroganz des Praktikers
In German language only: Gerrit Beine has a master's degree in computer science and works as a software philosopher. His education enables him to do so. However, in his industry there are often practitioners who train practitioners without the necessary theoretical knowledge. In his contribution he rants about this.
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