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IAPM Essentials June 16, 2020

(Keine) Stützräder
In German language only: Often the agile framework Scrum is compared with the use of support wheels. The analogy describes that "the support wheel Scrum" prevents beginners of agility from accidentally falling back to the waterfall model. Felix Stein explains in his article why this comparison is incorrect.
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10 ideas for helping a weak project manager get better at the job 
If a weak project manager has been entrusted with the management of a project, it may lead to less serious internal conflicts or even to severe external conflicts. In her article, Veronica Combs gives ten tips on how project managers can improve or can be supported.
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17 Important Agile Metrics Your Team Should Care About 
David A. Bishop explains what agile metrics are used for and presents 17 agile metrics. Among other things, he discusses business momentum, sprint breakdown and velocity.
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8 Questions for Scrum Masters to improve the effectiveness of Sprint Reviews
In her article, Reshma (Simran) Nagrani presents eight questions. Scrum Masters should ask these questions to their team during the Sprint Review to improve the effectiveness of the meetings.
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Agile Manifesto: Your Go-To Guide to Understanding the Agile Values and Principles
The Agile Manifesto defines four values and follows twelve principles which are important when working in an agile environment. Fred Wilson provides a detailed explanation of these values and principles in his article.
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Agile Missverständnisse: DoR & DoD als Vertrag 
In German language only: In his article, Johann-Peter Hartmann dispels the widespread misconception that the Definition of Done or the Definition of Ready are contracts. Indeed, they are not. They merely form the basis for a common understanding of all parties involved.
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Ausweitung des digitalen Aktionsradius statt Präsenzkult 
In German language only: The Corona pandemic at the latest forced many employees to work in the home office. By now, many companies have made it possible for employees to return to the office to continue their work as usual. Marcus Raitner explains the reasons why many employees like to work with their colleagues in a common place, but also describes how people can be virtually connected.
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Das ist doch kein Scrum
In German language only: The Scrum Guide describes the "rules of Scrum", i.e. it does not describe in detail how to behave in the Scrum framework, but only sets the general guidelines. Michael Schenkel explains why it makes sense to read between the lines of the Scrum Guide.
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How to Write Detailed Product Requirements without Killing Creativity
Nathan Udren looks at writing user stories and epics from the perspective of a product manager and an engineer. Creativity and accuracy of the information are juxtaposed. His solution is Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) and the Outcome Oriented Backlog.
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In German language only: Have you ever heard of hyper-scheduling? Thomas Mathoi explains what is special about this planning method and why he was unable to implement it. Instead, he presents you alternative methods that also work for him.
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Shu-Ha-Ri of Professional Coaching
Shu-Ha-Ri has been playing a role in agile frameworks for some time now. In order to understand Shu-Ha-Ri correctly and to be able to use it in an agile framework, Alex Kudinov and Erica J. Henson first explain the concept behind it. Afterwards they will go into detail about the application in practice.
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Strategieentwicklung mit Wardley Maps
In German language only: Holger Gelhausen talks in his podcast about Wardley Maps and about how the use of this technique can influence the development of strategy. You don't know what is behind Wardley Maps? In this podcast you will also learn that.
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Top 9 Product Ownership Books
The authors of the DZone dealt with the topic "Product Ownership" and read about it. In her article Ekaterina Novoseltseva presents nine books which she recommends to anyone who is going to work as a Product Owner for the first time or to everyone who has been working as a PO for a long time and wishes to continue exploring the topic.
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Wichtige Rollen in der Besprechung
In German language only: Who should take part in a meeting and how many people should attend in the ideal case? Stephan List presents two different approaches: the simple view of Harrison Owen and the role model of Paul Williams.
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