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IAPM Essentials June 2, 2020

Agilität und Arbeitsrecht: arbeitsrechtliche Hintergründe für agile Unternehmen
In German language only: If companies want to cooperate using agile methods, there are different methods. From a service contract to a joint venture, there are many possibilities. Depending on which cooperation is chosen, there are a couple of things to consider.
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Aus der agilen Methodenkiste: Backlog-Priorisierungsansätze 
In German language only: Your backlog is getting increasingly long and you don't know where to start working it off? Then now is the time to prioritise the tasks. Besides the classical prioritisation method – the Eisenhower Matrix – Thomas Michl presents further approaches in this article.
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Can a Development Team member work on more than one team at a time?
Two weeks ago Johannes Geske answered the question why a product can only belong to one Product Owner. In this article he discusses the question whether a development team member can work in several teams. Officially there are no rules for this, but he describes why it is not a good idea anyway.
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Decision Poker – spielerisch reflektierte Entscheidungen treffen 
In German language only: Some decisions have more serious consequences than others. And making those choices tends to be harder. Kurswechsel has developed the game "Decision Poker", which introduces this topic to self-organised teams. Kurswechsel provides the template for download free of charge.
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Frischzellenkur Selbstorganisation? Ein häufiges Missverständnis und seine Konsequenzen 
In German language only: In this article, Gitta Peyn answers the question of whether self-organised employees must first be enabled to carry out this self-organisation and which effects this change has on the respective company.
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How OKR Helped Gmail Reach 1 Billion Users: an Interview with Itamar Gilad 
You always wanted to know how Google implements Objectives and Key Results?
Melissa Suzuno interviewed Itamar Gilad, former Lead Product Manager and Head of Growth at Gmail, about OKR. This interview provides interesting insights into the processes.
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Mit Liberating Structures als Product Owner Zombie Scrum entkommen
In German language only – Podcast: Oliver Winter talked this week to Johannes Schartau about Liberating Structure. Johannes Schartau is part of the Zombie Scrum Resistance and gives an insight into his experiences in an agile environment.
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More Magic, Less Mystery
In their three-part series, S. Fisher Qua and Keith McCandless explain how Liberating Structures can be used to become more creatively adaptable. In the first part, they present Liberating Structures in general. Parts two and three are already published and linked in the text.
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NoEstimates, Applied
Matt Philip answers hypothetical questions of a technical development. Mainly it is about estimating or no-estimating and the risks involved.
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Product Discovery
Tim Herbig published a Product Discovery Guide. Product Discovery is designed to help agile teams reduce uncertainty by developing the right product. Thus the team gets a positive view on the future of the product. You can download the guide free of charge.
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Teambuilding im Requirements Engineering
In German language only: In her article, Dr. Andrea Herrmann describes team building in requirements engineering. It is important that only one person is responsible for requirements engineering in order to set and keep the direction.
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The Five Types of People to Surround Yourself with for Success 
Probably everyone wants to be successful in his or her life - whether in private or professional situations. In his article, Tim McMahon describes five personality types that should surround you in order to be successful.
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Why Technology Should Take a Backseat for Data Projects to Succeed 
According to a study, 85% of all Big Data projects fail. Andrew Stevenson argues that this is due to the focus on technology and the fact that the actual business objective is thereby lost sight of. In order to focus on the real issue – the project objective – he suggests that visibility, security and safety should not be neglected.
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Zertifikate oder Vernetzung – was ist wichtiger in Projekten?
In German language only: Olaf Hinz dealt with the question of whether certification or networking is more important for good project work. Above all, the so-called project market plays a central role for him in terms of internal networking.
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