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IAPM Essentials May 26, 2020

Die UFG Catering Simulation (a. k. a. Ubongo Flow Game Remote) 
In German language only: The Ubongo Flow Game simulates project work from the perspective of six different roles in six minutes. The aim of the game is to find out how the choice of process (Scrum, Kanban or Waterfall) influences the course of the project.
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Einfache chronologische Liste zur Gedächtnisstütze
In German language only: Notes or minutes are commonplace in everyday working life. In private life, however, people often rely on being able to remember the important things. This can be problematic, especially during long lasting processes.
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Iceberg Model of Scrum!
In this article the Scrum Framework is transferred to the Iceberg Model of Edward T. Hall. Above the water surface you find the things that are considered in Scrum, below the surface you find the things that are least thought about.
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If Estimates Were Accurate, We’d Call Them Actuals
Do you have problems with "correct estimation"? In this article you will find explanations on how estimation differs from expectations and how the right approach to estimation can make your work easier.
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Narrative des Präsenzkults: Der Kapitän gehört auf die Brücke
In German language only: Inevitably, leadership has changed in recent weeks. Managers have suddenly had to rethink and lead their employees at a distance rather than on site. Marcus Raitner is convinced that leadership, especially leadership at a distance, needs context rather than control.
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Practical Skills for The AI Product Manager
This article describes which special skills product managers need in the field of artificial intelligence. Among other things, it deals with ideation, feature development and experimentation.
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Project Management Office: Agile PMO versus Traditional PMO
There are project management offices in both the traditional and agile field. This article explains the differences between these two. Among other things, it deals with coordination, planning and resource management.
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Six types of “product” owners
In Scrum there are three key roles. One of them is the Product Owner. Roman Pichler describes six types of Product Owner. None of them is better or worse than the others.
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The defect funnel - systematically working towards high quality
A defect funnel is used to systematically eliminate errors during the development of a product. In the ideal case, the number of defects decreases from step to step. In practice, such a defect funnel can look completely different – depending on the process model.
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Podcast: To-do-Liste? Weshalb und wie? (Back to the roots)
In German language only: In this productivity podcast, Ivan Blatter explains the relevance of to-do lists in 20 minutes. In his opinion, the most important reason to keep a to-do list is the transparency that it provides. This episode is the start of his series "Back to the roots", which will deal with chosen topics of time and self-management.
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Warum schreien bei der Einführung neuer/agiler Tools eigentlich nicht alle Juchuu? – Eine Einladung zur Reflexion
In German language only: Many teams are glad when they can work more agile – but by far not all of them. What can be the reason for this? Claudia Sonntag – a convinced user of a Kanban board – got to the bottom of this question.
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Wie Andere die Dinge geregelt kriegen
In German language only: You have a time management method that works perfectly for you? Then you should definitely stick to it. Stephan List explains why. And all those who are still looking for a suitable method will certainly find it in this article.
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Wie kann ich die Stimmung von virtuellen Teams messen?
In German language only: Due to the current situation you are manager of a distributed team and do not know how to measure the satisfaction in the team? Dominic Lindner recommends the Spotify Healthcheck Model, which uses traffic lights to show the mood in the team.
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