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IAPM Essentials May 19, 2020

8 remote work lessons: Stay agile and expect surprises 
Due to the current situation, many teams are now working in a decentralised way. Are you also a manager of a remote team due to these new circumstances? In this article you will find eight tips on how to be successful in your new role.
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Agile Unternehmen sind noch Zukunftsmusik
In German language only: Many employees would like to see more agility and flatter hierarchies in their everyday work - but implementation is still lacking. This article presents the advantages of the agile way of working and gives you ten tips on how you can better implement agility.
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Agile is a mindset. Agile is behaviour.
Agility brings many advantages - you work user-centered and the workflows are lean. But is it also agile to pick out only the best of each method and disregard the "strenuous" aspects?  Matthew Hodgson says no. Agility combines the "agile mindset" with "being agile".
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Are you working with Scrum or eXtreme Go Horse (XGH)?
Do you work with the agile framework Scrum or eXtreme Go Horse? Then you might be familiar with the scenarios David Pereira describes in his article.
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Can we have more than one Product Owner?
Have you ever wondered if it is possible to have more than one Product Owner per product? The Scrum Guide has a clear opinion on this: "The Product Owner is one person, not a committee." Johannes Geske gives the explanation for this in his article.
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Dataiku gibt Tipps für erfolgreiche KI-Projekte
In German language only: In order to bring AI projects to a successful conclusion, Dataiku has developed three requirements which should be fulfilled. The most important prerequisite for Dataiku is the collaboration of experts.
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GTD in Diagrammen
In German language only: The self-management method GTD - short for Getting Things Done - is undisputedly successful. Stephan List believes that clear procedures are the main reason for this. He recommends several articles that deal with this topic.
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Is it professional to finish the Sprint at 9pm?
What would you do if the product owner expected the finished Sprint by tomorrow but you haven't come to an end yet? Would you stay in office until it is completed? Olivier Ledru explains in his article that this solution may make sense in the short term, but in the long run it can have the opposite effect.
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Lean Kanban, Agile Kanban
In German language only: In her article Anja Blesl explains Kanban in brief and compares Lean Kanban and Agile Kanban. She and her team have been using a Kanban board for some time now and are very satisfied with it.
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Podcast: Mit Abhängigkeiten umgehen
In German language only: The latest episode of the podcast "Kanban in seven minutes" deals in the known efficient way and with easy to understand explanations with the relevance of dependencies.
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VUKA und die Große Verschwörung
In German language only: Wolf Steinbrecher describes in his article which factor conspiracists do not consider: The fact that the world is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous - in short: it's VUCA. 
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Veränderung als Dauerzustand
In German language only: Shirley Sheffer, Managing Director at Accenture, talks to Philip Fassing about change management and its challenges.
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When You’re Drowning in Tasks, Overwhelm & Stress
You feel stressed lately and your tasks are getting too much for you? This feeling is probably familiar to a lot of people. Leo Babauta gives you tips that help him in such situations - maybe they help you, too.
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Why managing data science projects is not the same as IT projects
The project management of data science projects and that of IT projects differs. While IT projects usually have a precise business case which is ultimately achieved, this is often not the case with data science projects. Mary Shacklett describes in her article how data science projects can still be executed smoothly.
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