Certified Junior Agile Project Manager (IAPM) - web-learning platform Part 9

As announced, the next part of the web-learning platform that prepares for the certification level "Certified Junior Agile Project Manager (IAPM)" was published today. The latest part deals with the Sprint Retrospective - the last Scrum Event that takes place within a Sprint before the new Sprint begins.
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No changes were made to this version compared to the previous versions. There were no bugs to be fixed and the content was not changed either. Apart from the new chapter, there were no other adjustments to our web-learning platform.

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How we recommend you proceed

Work through the current chapter as usual and check your knowledge with the help of the exercise questions in Part 2. Now go back to the first chapter and look at the table "Attendance of Scrum Meetings" at the bottom of the page. By now you know all the meetings listed there. Now make notes on each meeting listed there with all the information you know about it. Who is taking part? When does the meeting take place? What is the purpose of the meeting and why should it not be cancelled? Is it an official Scrum Event? As you take notes, more points will probably come to your mind. Check your notes now by going to the corresponding chapter and comparing the information given there with your notes. 

Note: The Backlog Refinement is described in the chapter "Product Backlog".

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