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The work environment is changing and, in many companies, traditional structures are being dissolved. Distributeed teams, working together on projects from their home offices, for example, are no longer a rarity.
Digital collaboration brings unprecedented flexibility. But it also poses special demands on project management. Remote work, freelancer collaborations and agile methods mean that projects are becoming increasingly complex. This results in increased administrative work for project managers and also requires project management tools to be as flexible as the work itself. This is exactly where awork starts.
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Pioneer in the new world of work

awork is a cloud-based project management software that bundles all projects and to-dos in one central location. Not least the Corona crisis has shown that digital tools are indispensable for efficient, location-independent work. If the right tools for digital team organisation are available, neither fixed working hours nor fixed offices are essential anymore.
awork co-founder Tobias Hagenau is sure that in the future, more people will work from home or on the road and that the world of work will be permanently affected by the crisis: "The structures that were created now will continue to exist. awork offers all the necessary functions for the work organisation of teams that work collaboratively - whether in the office or in the home office".

The age of automation

While modern working has many advantages for teams, it also brings increased workload for project managers. Complex projects should be managed as stringently as possible. As a result, more administrative and recurring to-dos arise in the day-to-day project work. However, "work for work" keeps project managers away from their actual work. It is exactly these routine tasks that can easily be taken over by a project management software.
With awork, not only the digitalisation of project management processes is possible, but also the next logical step to relieve project managers: project management automation.

Efficient workflows

There are application cases for automation in every company. A perfect example is the feedback and release process. Often unnecessary delays occur due to the fact that the next person in the workflow chain is not informed that he or she can start with the task or feedback loops have not been properly considered during the planning.

In awork, the review process can be automated so that physical notification is no longer necessary. For this purpose, the software specifies that each change of status (e.g. to the status feedback) automatically assigns the responsible employee to the task and notifies him or her by e-mail. The clou: the creation of these automatic workflows is so intuitively integrated into the project management tool that complicated automatic processes can be set up without a great deal of tech know-how.
Based on the trigger-action principle, even complex project management processes can be automated in just a few steps. Automatic workflows are not only more efficient and save time but are also less error-prone than manual workflows. 

Smart digital project assistance

In addition to the more efficient design of work processes, the automatic project management in awork offers further advantages. Every project manager will agree: a major part of the work consists of the - very time-consuming - manual compilation of project information and project status. What if a smart software took over responsibility for this part of the work and ensured that all important project developments went according to plan?
The awork autopilot makes exactly that possible. It consists of a series of smart mailings that keep the project team informed about all project developments. In the autopilot mode, the project management is immediately and automatically notified of tight deadlines, exhausted budgets, or outdated schedules.
Constant monitoring of the project progress not only saves time, but is also less prone to errors, which increases planning reliability. This is a great relief, especially for project managers who manage many projects in parallel.

Focus on the team

Automation aims to complete the project management process without replacing the human component. Not only project managers benefit from automated project management, but ultimately the entire team. More efficient and precise workflows increase transparency and promote cross-team collaboration.
Overall, project management tools will develop even more in the direction of digital project assistance in the future to support project managers in the coordination of (distributed) teams. In this context, project management tools such as awork will develop into a full-fledged team member with whom one can "talk" via a chat interface. What sounds like fantasies of the future nowadays could become reality in the not too distant future.

Conclusion: Switch to automated project management now

The advantages of project management automation are obvious: more time and resources for valuable work as well as greater planning reliability. To meet the requirements of the new working world in the long term, the digitalisation and automation of project management processes is essential. With awork, project managers have a suitable tool at their disposal that also simplifies complex and confusing work processes and promotes teamwork. Just like the work environment, awork will continue to evolve in order to provide the best possible support for teams on their way into the new work environment.
Author the author: Julia Glöckner is Marketing Manager at awork and expert for automated project management. She likes to write about topics related to the new world of work, e.g. remote work, digital transformation, AI and modern work culture.


Keywords: PM Software, Project Management, Virtual Teams


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