Network Meeting in Hamburg (Germany) on 8 June 2015 on the subject of “Agile and Hybrid Project Management“

The IAPM‘s Senior Official Udo Schmidt hosted the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg’s second IAPM Network Meeting of the year on 8 June 2015. It was attended by IAPM certificate holders and their guests. The event was also open to everyone in northern Germany with an interest in project management and publicised by the PMI, GPM and DGQ regional organisations. It was hosted by Consensa Projektberatung GmbH & Co. KG in Hamburg.
Once the participants had been welcomed to the Network Meeting on the subject of Agile and Hybrid Project Management, Udo Schmidt briefly explained what the IAPM is and what it offers in the field of international project management. The company hosting the event, Consensa Projektberatung GmbH & Co. KG, was introduced by its CEO Kai Milkereit, who used two posters to explain its service portfolio to participants. He then introduced Corinna Dohmann, a project manager in the Projects, IT & Media Technology Department at the NDR broadcasting company, who gave a presentation
on the subject of “Achieving fast accepted results in project management optimisation with agile methods”. The project related to the merger of three project management departments and the harmonisation of project management processes. Corinna explained the individual mix of traditional and agile methods used in this project, prompting questions from the audience and discussions in the auditorium. The answers to some of the questions were postponed until after Maren Windus, Senior Consultant at Consensa, and Kai Milkereit had given their presentation on the NDR project entitled “Process Model for Agile Organisational Projects“. It answered a number of the outstanding questions. As was the case at the previous Network Meetings on this topic, participants agreed that some of the approaches are or should be highly organisation-specific.
The conversations continued at the get-together part of the event, where snacks and drinks sponsored by Consensa Projektberatung were served. Everyone took advantage of the opportunity to chat, network and get to know each other better. Documents were on display providing a detailed overview of upcoming project management events in northern Germany (organised by the PMI, GPM, DGQ and IAPM) in 2015.
This collaborative partnership is a distinctive advantage for the northern-German project management community.

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